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About Yes i am student Movie 

Written by : Gill Raunta

Directed by : Tarnvir Singh Jagpal

Music by : Intense

Starring : Sidhu Moosewala, Mandy Takhar

Release date : 22 October 2021

Running time : 112 minutes

Language : Punjabi

Country : India

Storyline of Yes i am student Movie 

Jassa is only a typical resident young person, who is tired of his hopeless life and needs to rescue his family and himself once again from it. He demands his folks to send him to Canada. The unfortunate family does all that to make a superior life for their child and Jassa at last arrives at Canada. Notwithstanding, the condition of global understudies in Canada is exceptionally desolate. They are being faulted for working illicitly, remaining as unlawful settlers, having drugs, making viciousness and so forth! The entire worldwide understudy local area goes through incredibly hard battles because of the deeds of a couple and Jassa, alongside his companion Heera, are likewise the people in question. Also, this isn't all that it has. Sidhu Moosewala and Mandy Takhar's adoration life, his go head to head with the fundamental antagonist of the film, Uncle Baldev (Naginder Gakhar) and incalculable such components make the film a don't-miss! What the hero of the film goes through, how he handles the hard Canadian worldwide understudy's life and turns into a prestigious financial specialist is what the film observes for you in the theaters.

Tarnvir Jagpal has ensured that the film looks however emotional as its story may be. The heading of the film is top-class. It has effectively portrayed a normal understudy's life in Canada. Rather than making the film look fabulous and showing extravagant ways of life of the person, it attempts to show a more genuine picture of life abroad. A scene when Jassa and his companion/flat mate Heera are approached to leave their accomodation, and they are meandering in open for a really long time, under weighty downpour, shows the executive exactness of the film.

According to the acting division, there are a few places where a portion of the characters feel like really 'acting' instead of giving it a characteristic touch, however in no way, shape or form does it let the crowd be diverted. Mandy Takhar plays had her influence delightfully! She has looked exceptionally certain about the film and her acting obviously dominates. Taking into account it was just his second-at any point vocation film, Sidhu Moosewala's exhibition as an entertainer has been normal. Sidhu might have been exceptional in the film, as an entertainer. Taking into account it was just his subsequent film, it was a decent presentation yet we anticipate that he should be better with experience from now on. According to the supporting entertainers, they have all held the film's story tight with their exhibitions, at whatever point they are on-screen.

Naginder Gakhar, the primary reprobate, is another entertainer who's nailed it once more. He introduces himself as a solid negative person before the crowd. Amritjit Singh Sran adds the much-expected comic touch to the film, alongside having a significant impact in the storyline of the film. Gill Raunta, who played Heera, Jassa's dearest companion and an older sibling figure in Canada, has likewise totally nailed it. A large number of his scenes are probably the best satire scenes that the film offers!

Gill Raunta has additionally worked effectively at story composing. The film remains consistent with its motivation all through, the principal character's example of overcoming adversity is very much organized and the romantic tale part of the film has likewise been composed well, which makes YIAS a film with different plots to propose at a similar point. The discoursed are great yet one office might have been something more. The plot of the film is a major one, and a kind of discourse in regards to global understudies might have given the film significantly more soul. Also, there are numerous scenes that might have been improved for certain weighty or close to home discoursed.

The tunes! How should a Sidhu Moosewala film dishearten in this? This is likewise a division that surpasses, totally. In the cutting edge Punjabi Industry, there are not many motion pictures that have such an astonishing music collection all in all! Jaan, Athra Style and the melody that got tears everybody's eyes at the theater, Baapu, make YIAS's music truly outstanding in present day times. Nonetheless, a frustrating reality is that the tune everybody was so advertised about, Yaariyaan, has been held for the credits scene! Assuming it had been some place in the film, that would have been astounding! It actually is a banger, presumably about that.

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Indeed I'm Understudy portrays the struggles of Jass Gill (Moosewala) who needs to go to Canada and investigate opportunities for his future. The melody toward the start, 'Saab' makes the setting of difficulty and battles that life in the town holds for youth in Punjab. His folks have restricted implies and choose to persevere through difficulties to send their child to concentrate abroad. Be that as it may, things aren't so blushing in Canada for Jass either and he faces the brunt of a bigger reaction against global understudies in the country.

In spite of the multitude of attractions that could steer him off course in an unfamiliar land and the difficulties in front of him, Jass battles to keep a decent head on his shoulders and starts endeavoring to make a big deal about himself. He fantasies about building an understudy city to address the oppression understudies and give lodging offices to them.

The film mirrors the brutal truth of Punjab where families contract their territory to send their kids to another country for studies and work in the desire for making their future. Confronted with meager work open doors, the adolescent have no genuine options in the state. In an unfamiliar land, they frequently face separation and badgering. A considerable lot of the worries brought up in the film are veritable and established as a general rule, and the film is thoughtful to the situation of understudies. Be that as it may, the issues are overdramatized and simple arrangements are advertised.

The screenplay is powerless in parts and montages are included places just to make a point without a bigger association with the plot. One feels like the essayist attempted to pack in an excessive number of worries with little respect for bigger cohesiveness. The speed is slow and the over-anxious utilization of slow-movement is tedious. Moosewala's acting is just about acceptable and should be more expressive. Takhar improves in examination however has barely anything to do in general. The music by the Youngster and Extreme presents a few resonant numbers.

In spite of its weaknesses, Yes I'm Understudy has its heart perfectly located and causes to notice a frequently disregarded at this point pivotal issue. It's likewise good to see Moosewala's film effectively disregarding liquor and medication use, drawing mindfulness about the social wickedness and sending a positive message to watchers.