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Sr kalyana mandapam telugu full movie download movierulz

About Sr kalyana mandapam Movie 

Written by : Kiran Abbavaram

Directed by : Sridhar Gade

Music by : Chaitan Bharadwaj

Starring : Kiran Abbavaram, Priyanka Jawalkar, Sai Kumar

Release date : 6 August 2021

Running time : 148 minutes

Language : Telugu

Country : India

Storyline of Sr kalyana mandapam Movie 

What SR Kalyanamandapam , with the slogan Est. 1975, required the most was a sharp sets of scissors at the altering table. It rides on a fragment of a story and packs in a mixed drink of sections intended to speak to the 'mass' crowd in venues alongside sensational scenes of father-child holding. The 148-minute film is a trial.

We are acquainted with Dharma (Sai Kumar) who has squandered himself over liquor. His piercing trades with his significant other Shanti (Tulasi) whom he alludes to as Sivagami for her blaze, are an everyday installation. The family's just justification for pride in the town is S R Kalyanamandapam that was laid out by Dharma's dad; that is at the gamble of being squandered. Nothing unexpected Dharma's child Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) is entrusted with reestablishing the family's distinction as well as repair his messed up bond with his dad.

In any case, what stressed their relationship? Don't worry about it. A few time into the film and it doesn't appear to issue. Since there are other tricky sayings — like the legend's obsession with the courageous woman's waist. The obsession finishes in them watching Kushi (2001). Perhaps somebody ought to have let the film's inventive group know that changing the narrative is 2021 and time.

Sexism works out in the manner Dharma reproaches his better half, who fights back with outrage and tears, and in the manner in which Kalyan continues to generalize Sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar).

In a post-span scene, Sindhu slaps Kalyan and pronounces that she has never responded his advances. At long last something about assent! In any case, this bliss is fleeting. In the accompanying scene, she pronounces her affection for him.

Discussing slap, the chief characters continue to slap one another. I counted six. There could be more, I don't know.

When Kalyan and his companions reestablish the wedding corridor to its brilliance and bring back the idea of private, individual weddings, the story appears to be pretty much finished. However, soon, Sindhu has another admirer and the film go on for over 60 minutes, releasing a few additional plastered trances, battles and moves. Gracious, there are a few scenes generally through the film showing the hero, his companions, father and numerous irregular men frequently becoming inebriated.

The virus battle between the dad and the child likewise has no gravitas. It simply clears way for exchange weighty profound scenes before they fix up.

Indeed, even a tune by Sid Sriram at the fag end can't revive interest.

The enormously well known Gangavva is an onlooker to the happenings at Dharma's home, and she laughs away. Then, at that point, there's Dharma who frequently searches for the closest support point or wall to bang his head. Both these pretty much summarize a watcher's predicament.

Know this before get Sr kalyana mandapam telugu full movie download movierulz 

SR Kalyana Mandapam is the second film for Youthful legend Kiran Abbavaram who made his presentation with country scenery film Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru in 2019. Debutant chief Sridhar Gade has coordinated the film SR Kalyana Mandapam. Pramod and Raju created the film under Tip top Excitements and the music is made by Chaitan Bharadwaj. Priyanka Jawalkar plays the champion job in this film, Sai Kumar assumes the critical part as Legend's dad. This film's special substance has produced some buzz in the crowd, it is delivering in auditoriums overall on August sixth, with premiers in USA on August fifth.

Set in Kadapa locale Rayachoti, this film story spins around S R Kalyana Mandapam proprietor - Dharma (Saikumar) and his child Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram). Conceived rich, Dharma ruins his privately-run company; and is embarrassed by the residents for not having the option to proceed with his dad's heritage. Dharma's better half and their child Kalyan additionally could do without him. The film unfurls to uncover the lamentable occasions prompting the strained dad child relationship.

S R Kalyana Mandapam film story has great business components at its center, however the portrayal is conflicting and impacted the film unfavorably. Sai Kumar's job Dharma is recognizable with some modest community people who come from rich families however wind up running the wealth to the ground. In his job as Dharma, senior entertainer Sai Kumar nailed it with his presentation. So did Kiran Abbavaram who assumed the child's part. The dad child close to home peak is an or more point. The satire focused on youths works in parts, but projecting moderately obscure countenances, for what might have been an endeavor at authenticity, blew up.
Kalyan-Sindhu love track is crazy and needs close to home associate. Priyanka Jawalkar plays Sindhu's personality and she alright searches in this film.

Debutante chief Sridhar Gade botched a decent open door here, in any event, when given a decent base story. Music by Chaitan is sufficient, runs well with the subject, the melodies mix into the story.