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About Seetimaarr Movie 

Written by : Sampath Nandi

Directed by : Sampath Nandi

Music by : Mani Sharma

Starring : Gopichand, Tamannaah,   Digangana Suryavanshi, Bhumika Chawla

Release date : 10 September 2021

Running time : 138 minutes

Language : Telugu

Country : India

Storyline of Seetimaarr Movie 

Karthik (Gopichand) has a respectable mission. He needs to restore the now-old school laid out by his late dad. He is additionally sharpening potential female Kabaddi champions to carry the consideration of everybody to the motivation behind female schooling and strengthening. Great many miles away, in Ghaziabad, two famous men named Makhan Singh and Trilok Singh are on a mission to get his brother by marriage Aravind (Rahman), a gutsy cop. How the two tracks converge and what Karthik is left to accomplish in the last part is to be watched on the big screen.

The world regards just victors, says Gopichand's personality in the underlying bits of the film. He is an energetic Kabaddi trainer and a macho legend moved into one. His colleagues, containing Preeti Asrani and others, consider him to be a kindly figure. His town sees him as a Back up parent who can proclaim ladies strengthening.

Karthik's fate changes when he moves to Delhi with his Kabaddi players. There, he needs to do his best to make it feasible for his players to play the public prize, not to mention guarantee a success in the finals.

In portraying this generally unsurprising format, essayist chief Sampath Nandi takes the assistance of a bunch of reliable thoughts. The scenes in the final part are sequenced in a trite way.

What is the best part of 'Seetimaarr'? It knows how to adjust the melody n-dance routine with the activity set-pieces. The romantic comedy track is brief, with Tamannaah Bhatia's Jwala Reddy consigned to the sidelines in time. Certainly, more than her scenes, Jwala makes her mark in a tune devoted to her oomph. For all intents and purposes, Mani Sharma's music is a sparkling element of the film, and, surprisingly, the Anketa Maharana including 'Pepsi Aunt' is charming. The ambient sound, notwithstanding, follows a known example.

The game is restricted to a couple of vital portions. 'Seetimaarr' is more about discoursed woven around the wearing soul and the fundamental mission. The film isn't so much as a semi-sports show. It's an activity performer, above all else.

The showdown among Karthik and the Singh team ought to have increased current standards. Sampath Nandi is reluctant in redefining known limits. The exchanges work to a great extent. Rao Ramesh's portrayal is intriguing, taking into account how his little girl (Digangana as a television journo) dupes him with smooth talk. Tamannaah's Telangana 'yasa' is great; her naming is amazing.

The peak ought to have been crisper. Presumably, the chief felt that it must be extensive to oblige both an activity set-piece and a Kabaddi match. Soundarrajan's cinematography is better than expected.

As exhibitions go, Gopichand is superior to how he was in 'Chanakya' and other ongoing motion pictures of his. While the reprobates are caricaturish, he isn't. Rahman ought to have a compelling scene or two in the final part.

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Chief Sampath Nandi and entertainer Gopichand have both been on a low for a seriously lengthy timespan yet Seetimaarr attracted crowds this happy season. The promotions had the chief expressing obviously that the film is a blend of wrongdoing and sports show.

Beginning with an ideal mass and a masala blend, the chief is back in his components, helped by a well-suited projecting and great composition. There is no complicated portrayal, the film starts with awful cop Makhan Singh and his sibling unleashing devastation in the police office and around Ghaziabad. At the point when great cop Aravind (Rehman) steps in and kills Makhan's sibling, Makhan goes baying for his blood.

In the mean time, Karthi (Gopichand), who is Aravind's brother by marriage, is the mentor of the ladies' Kabaddi crew in Andhra Pradesh, who maintains that his group should come out on top for the public title. Tamannaah is the mentor for the ladies' group from Telangana.

At the point when the groups land in Delhi, Makhan Singh hijacks Karthi's group and compresses him to kill Aravind. Does the legend surrender to this extortion, or does he have an arrangement at his disposal?

The chief doesn't vacillate in characterisation and gives every one of them the right film. Rao Ramesh as expected succeeds in his exchange conveyance and articulations, his use of clinical wording in discoursed is without a doubt new. One wished Rao Ramesh's part didn't end suddenly. The discourse alluding to the Nirbhaya occurrence, " Delhi lo aadapillakey dhikku ledhu, ikkada palletooru ammailani yevaru pattinchukuntaru (there is no security for young ladies in Delhi, who will make a fuss over these town young ladies?" hits home when the mentor needs to take the young ladies to Delhi for the title. Digangana, Pragathi, Annapurna and others work effectively. Fortunately, the miscreants don't wind up as fakers.

Tamannaah's Telangana tongue is disrupting, another person might have named for her. However infectious, the 'Jwala Reddy' melody comes at a serious second and upsets the story. Gopichand and Tamannaah make a decent pair and the sensibly great content assists the entertainers with performing with certainty. Bhumika does her part admirably.

The essayist Sampath Nandi overwhelms here, and he has accomplished praiseworthy work in getting his group to perform. Be its creation plan, Mani Sharma's music or cinematography, everything falls set up and it is a seetimaarr second for Gopichand who is starving for a decent blend of a mass and a profound content.