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About Sagardwipey jawker dhan Movie

Written by : Sougata Basu

Directed by : Sayantan Ghosal

Music by : Bickram Ghosh

Starring : Parambrata Chatterjee, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Koel Mallick, Kanchan Mallick

Release date : 6 December 2019

Running time : 2 Hours 5 Minutes

Language : Bangla

Country : India

Storyline of Sagardwipey jawker dhan Movie 

At the start it should be expressed that chief Sayantan Ghosal has made a legit endeavor to make a brave ride with Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan. At certain places in the movie, the chief even prevails with regards to making a drawing in realistic piece. Tragically, all that work is defaced by the awkward openings that the movie producer neglects to keep away from.

In the approach the film's delivery, a buzz was made by the promoting group about the embellishments utilized. We positively trust this is a venturing stone to the production of additional persuading enhancements in Bengali film from now on. Be that as it may, in Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan, with the exception of certain successions towards the end, the embellishments barely bring out a feeling of stunningness or fervor.

This expedition film has a generally basic storyline without an excessive number of turns until the peak. Sadly, that implies there are relatively few arrangements that are probably going to make the crowd pause its breathing in expectation. Also, there are a few befuddling and sudden minutes. The peak then, at that point, nearly brings the film into an entirely unexpected type.

Regardless of whether one limits the expansion of the dream story in the peak, there are sure successions, especially before all else, that are not exactly persuading.

Dr Ruby Chatterjee (Koel Mallick) goes over a young lady while getting back from her examination place in Pahargunj. While treating her, she detects the dire requirement for an interesting substance called Red Mercury thus sets out determined to track down it.

At about a similar time, Bimal (Parambrata Chatterjee) and Kumar (Gaurav Chakrabarty) meet Banka Shyam (Kanchan Mullick), a petroleum siphon proprietor, who guides them looking for a similar uncommon synthetic which should can possibly substitute non-renewable energy sources.

Ruby, Bimal and Kumar need to confront different difficulties and demonstrate the validity of their aims before they can get data on the specific area of the fortune. Their objective ends up being intriguing and risky simultaneously.

All through the chase, you could ask why the young lady is being conveyed alongside our three leads into such a hazardous zone. Be that as it may, Basu's surprising turn toward the end legitimizes this, as well.

Ramyadip Saha's camerawork is in some cases fulfilling while at different times it simply makes disarray in conveying the chief's thoughts.

The craftsmanship course of the lowered sanctuary that surfaces just during low tide is very interesting. The unique FX of the sanctuary shaking because of a volcanic ejection is persuading as well. In any case, the Red Mercury and fireballs emitting because of the blast are defaced by unfortunate designs.

Parambrata Chatterjee, Gaurav Chakrabarty and Kaushik Sen are their typical selves as their characters don't expect them to bring a lot of tweak into their exhibitions. Dutta's interpretation of Al Mahari might have been something more. Taking into account his capacities as an entertainer, this commentator trusts that author Sougata Basu and chief Ghosal, maybe, are to be faulted for outlining his personality cursorily.

Santilal Mukherjee shows up yet figures out how to convey the questionable goals of his personality with a specific thoroughly search in his eyes and a forceful face.

Kanchan Mullick is reliably entertaining with his entertaining articulations; in any case, a portion of his discoursed transform him into a bozo, pointlessly.

Koel Mallick doesn't bring a lot of variety into her demeanors. For sure, she appears to be fairly latent all through the film.

Bickram Ghosh's music assists with loaning the necessary state of mind in every one of the arrangements; nonetheless, his thoughts are not unique thus occupy the crowd as it attempts to review the melody or sound that his work is like.

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‘Treasure Hunt’ is now a very tempting subject in Bengali movies. Such a picture is still the biggest hit of the year. So, beyond the boundaries of literature, the sequel to 'Jaker's Treasure', 'Jaker's Treasure in Sagardwip', had to show something that the audience had not seen before. Visual, VFX, history, geography, science ... Director Sayantan Ghoshal stopped at the doorstep of science fiction to expand the scope. So at the end of the picture some questions may arise. Excluding that, the expedition of Bimal (Parambrata), Kumar (Gaurab) and Ruby Chatterjee (Koel) in search of diluted red mercury is not bad.

Looking at the Treasure Hunt pictures one after the other, it is not very difficult to guess the movement of such pictures. A few puzzles, the unraveling of which will take visitors to unfamiliar lands. Preparations have been made for the expedition in the first half of the film. In the second half we sailed to Sagardwip. Mystery germinated well in the first half. The speed of the picture was not bad either. Sometimes the comic timing story of Bankashyam Dhar (Kanchan) was moving forward smoothly. But the character's extra dialogue in the second half creates annoyance.

The adventure continues in the blue-green waters of Thailand, underwater. The view of the boat being taken forward by saving the waves of the rough sea is great. Even if Thailand could be explored a little more, it would be damning. I like the styling of some of the scenes in slow motion. Kalpalok's refuge in search of hidden treasure: This novelty of Sayantan and screenwriter Saugat Basu is the best discovery in this film. And it is also very relevant and up-to-date to highlight natural resources as a source of wealth.

However, some questions may arise about showing the creatures of the imaginary world. The hair of the human-looking alien and the color of the eyeballs are different. It did not become a little more simplification? Al-Mahri's (Rajtav) ​​sudden change of mind is also a bad clich. Of course, if you think about the consequences of the story thinking about the little ones, there is nothing to say.

Everyone is talented in acting. Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Koel Mallick, Gaurab Chakraborty, Rajtav Dutt, Kaushik Sen, Shantilal Mukherjee are all strong in their respective roles. Adolina Chakraborty has performed impeccably without any dialogue.

This time, the Bengali directors have to think about the novelty in the story as well as the implementation in the film in search of hidden treasure. Otherwise, it will not be easy to cross this boat in the future with the help of Visual.