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About Oh my god Movie 

Written by : Umesh Shukla

Directed by : Umesh Shukla

Edited by : Tushar Shivan

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal,
Mithun Chakraborty

Release date : 28 September 2012

Running time : 130 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Oh my god Movie 

'OMG - Wow' is a special case from the movies that delivery in Bollywood for the manner in which it handles a prickly issue and really leaves you thinking.

Here is a film that is a long ways somewhat revolutionary however which ought to have really delivered a whole lot sooner. Allow me to make sense of.

The design of this film pits an agnostic versus god. Presently, the actual idea of being a nonbeliever in a country with the greatest number of divine beings is puzzling to numerous Indians. We see God all over the place and need to impart our encounters to the heavenly power with others. In this manner, a nonbeliever generally ends up being the subject of pity. "Horrendously destitute creature God's affection and power still can't seem to contact him," the devotees share with themselves and their neighbors. 'OMG' figures out how to recount the tale of god according to a nonbeliever's perspective by making the last areas of strength for a. Here in spite of getting pity from others, Kanji Lalji Mehta (Paresh Rawal) stimulates no compassion from watchers. He is sufficiently able to remain by his convictions in any event, when his life has wound up in an almost impossible situation.

Nor is Kanji painted out as a creep. His contentions are coherent and forthright. Pushed against a corner, he understands what he should do and never avoids the battle. What's more, the battle is enormous. Kanji, and the film, require on the exceptionally old arrangement of love in the country, not a simple assignment using any and all means. Heads up before it's too late on the off chance that you haven't seen the film yet: Spoilers ahead.

'OMG' discusses the reason for humankind over symbol love. This is one of the most grounded points of the film. It doesn't avoid telling that individuals ought to help other people as and when they can rather than aimlessly going to strict places and setting their contributions. As a general public we are so acclimated to any idea that our confidence has gone haywire over such countless years that holding fast against icon love is genuinely excellent. Yet, on the off chance that the case of a transient drinking milk moving from a drain that has been filled from admirers pouring the beverage over a shivling to support himself doesn't stir individuals, I don't have the foggiest idea what will.
The film likewise handles the prickly issue of Godmen. These 'specialists of God', who, all things considered, have been blamed for storing up property worth crores, being controlled by legislators and in any event, having intercourse recordings of them circled lately, still have an immense following among their fans. The not at all subtle reference to different Godmen in the film is out and out gutsy and the movie's chiefs merit acclaim for drawing out the pietism of this clan at the center of attention. If nothing, essentially we ought to request that these Godmen be forthcoming and clear about their deals.

This carries me to the third point that the film features - the commercialization of religion. While Kanji puts on a show of being clever and manipulative of others' confidence first and foremost, it is just towards the end when he personally is transformed into a Divine being to be drained cash out of, do crowds experience how seriously religion has been taken over by personal stakes.

One of the most fascinating places of the film is the distinction individuals need to be aware between being God-adoring and God-dreading. Love of God will mean living in harmony and quietude so that their religion won't ever hurt some other human. Be that as it may, a Divine being dreading individual will be either extremely keen or exceptionally furious on the off chance that anybody criticizes his religion. Kanji says that religion brings forth just two kinds of individuals - defeatists and fear based oppressors. More genuine words were rarely expressed. The case of Sai Baba, who lived in penury however whose sculpture is presently embellished with gold is a telling illustration of the situation among us. We shower a piece of our badly gotten gains to God, as though providing him with a piece of our benefits will exonerate us our own transgressions.

It isn't vital to comprehend the significance of the subtext that 'OMG' leaves us with. As a culture, we are prepared to safeguard our religion at the smallest smidgen of incitement. Furthermore, the ones who take on viciousness are normally the ones who have never perused the writing of their own religion. What's the point about guarding your own religion when you can basically and effectively slander another person's?

It is about time we understood the feature of the film and applied it in our daily routines with the goal that we can spend our lives in harmony and not be made a fuss over terms like Hindu fear based oppressors and Muslim jihadis. For it is valid what the film expresses, "Where there is Religion, there is no Reality, and where there is Truth, Religion isn't required."

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No doubt to the primary hero 'Kanji' played by Paresh Rawal who's acting impeccably fit this job. He carried parody blended in with feeling, reasonableness and boldness all together. We could plainly see his conviction and battle yet his certainty didn't let him down. Concerning different entertainers, they were splendidly projected. Akshay Kumar came as God 'Krishna' who again carried maximum capacity to this job yet in addition added sparkles of his own character to it. Hence making an alternate point and persona, making the person seriously intriguing. The other supporting entertainers were amazingly splendid, who would've believed that Mithun Chakraborty could at any point assume such part of 'Leeladhar Maharaj' however yet discredited me. The humor he sustained through vital, unequivocal hand motions added that additional push of his personality.

From the chief 'Umesh Shukla', OMG Wow is an unquestionably honest story with remarkable acting and ardent inclination. The film lets a straightforward yet genuine plot know which promptly draws in your consideration. It follows the existence of 'Kanji Lalji Mehta' who doesn't put stock in god. Incidentally he claims a shop selling divinities of God. Tragically, his shop significantly self-destructs by an unanticipated quake. Regulations and insurance agency's case that because of the insoluble 'demonstration of God' Kanji can't guarantee his protection cash. Kanji courageously preliminaries as far as possible in court against God, requesting for his cash from the Sanctuary.

Effectively the film catches the genuine unavoidable truths that apply to everyone, which nobody thinks for even a moment to address. It humorously questions this 'demonstration of God' by not strongly conflicting with it yet just visiting the genuine realities of what this conviction of God has become. With spurges of mankind and comic, Kanji unhesitatingly concedes that these Sanctuaries have only become cash snatchers, private company chains of selling 'God' stock where this wonderful blessed conviction and confidence has now quite recently been marked as 'copyright'.

 The film shows us how pints of heavenly milk proposed to God by huge number of individuals are wandered to the drain! Consequently Kanji questions "for what reason might we at any point offer this milk to vagrants or the foundation?"