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About Munna bhai mbbs Movie 

Story by : Rajkumar Hirani

Directed by : Rajkumar Hirani

Edited by : Pradeep Sarkar

Starring : Sunil Dutt, Sanjay Dutt, Gracy Singh, Jimmy Sheirgill, Arshad Warsi,
Rohini Hattangadi, Boman Irani

Release date : 19 December 2003

Running time : 150 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Munna bhai mbbs Movie 

Murli Prasad Sharma, otherwise known as Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt), is the head of a humble evildoer posse, and along with his right-hand man Circuit (Arshad Warsi) he flips around Mumbai. In any case, he told his folks Shri Hari Prasad Sharma (Sunil Dutt) und Parvati (Rohini Hattangadi) that he has turned into a specialist, and all together not to sell out their pride for their child, he transforms his base camp into a medical clinic each opportunity they stay with him. However, one fine day Shri Hari is come clean with the about his child's calling by his colleague, Dr J. Asthana (Boman Irani). As Munna acknowledges how profoundly he has harmed his folks, he chooses to turn into a specialist, as a matter of fact. Out of every other place on earth, Circuit picks the school and facility of Dr Asthana for Munna's examinations, a spot portrayed by Dr Asthana's severe and disciplinary guidelines which Munna with his unusual perspectives can't comprehend and acknowledge, so he promptly fires causing a ruckus completely. While Munna is going gaga for Dr Suman (Gracy Singh) without realizing that she is his lifelong companion Chinki and hence Dr. Asthana's little girl, the center staff and patients increasingly more bring Munna into their souls and shield him enthusiastically against a huge amount of energy of Dr Asthana to at last dispose of the hoodlum unequivocally...

I concede directly that I've gone gaga for this movie. A parody with a more profound significance and a hanky factor, and a flawlessly organized cast. Yet again for the job of Munnabhai, this adorable evildoer ascending to divine status in the acknowledgment of his kindred men because of the decency of his heart, Sanjay Dutt is just great: an unprecedented entertainer, favored with a strange moxy, a characteristic adorableness, an enchanting grin, a splendid humor and a solid sense for feelings - and he genuinely tosses this into his job. The outcome is a stunning job representation - a beautiful exhibition for which Sanju was legitimately compensated with various honors (Filmfare Grant for best humorist, Stardust Star of the year Grant and Bollywood Film Grant as Most Shocking Entertainer; adding to this selections as best entertainer at the IIFA Grants, the Sansui Grants and the Star Screen Grants). Arshad Warsi's Circuit additionally is an honor winning review with practically no shortcomings, and his science with Sanjay is breathtaking. Gracy Singh can't actually stay aware of her extraordinary accomplices, yet all things considered her presentation is alright. Jimmy Shergill plays the little, yet decent job of Zaheer delightfully and touchingly. Boman Irani sidesteps platitudes as opposed to selling his personality out for the impacts: he's mean, yet not a traditional hooligan, entertaining, but rather not a lighthearted element. Caps off!

This is, incidentally, an exceptional trait of this film: It is restrained and more unobtrusive than expected. It utilizes either plot banalities of the Hindi Film, however consistently a smidgen more downshifted than in different movies. The gags, turns and profound scenes don't accompany a bang however happen semi in passing and normally. Indeed, even the lecturing successions are introduced without an overwhelming clue. Furthermore, who can oppose Munnabhai when he, with his "jadoo ki jhappi" (wizardry embrace), carries daylight into the sad existences of individuals around him, satisfies a last profound longing of Zaheer who is passing on from disease, or when he with his caring consideration brings once again into life deadened Anand Banerjee (Yatin Karyekar) who had been corrupted to an object of study. Munnabhai might be a hoodlum, yet his spirit is guiltless like a kid's, and he thinks and acts in a more human manner than other people who should seriously mull over themselves of higher virtue as a result of his calling - for Munna's viewpoints and activities are unconstrained and come straightforwardly from his heart, and they are not controlled by discipline-stuck or regulatory perspectives.

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The scene where Munna shifts into an inn room, finds ragging interestingly or his most memorable day in a study hall are incredibly silly. Same his experience with some unacceptable Chinki. Additionally, his loosening up meeting by the dhobi ghat with Circuit is curiously finished.

Munnabhai does a Fix Adams by presenting the idea of enchantment embraces to the critically ill Zaheer (Jimmy Shergill). Not just that, he likewise persuades a disappointed, grief stricken young person about the ineptitude of self destruction. Awwww is all I can say when Munnabhai succumbs to Cupid's bolt.

Munnabhai MBBS's most grounded resources are its screenplay and exchanges. Yet, you really want to realize Mumbai all around well to get the joke in Abbas Tyrewala's (the one who composed the verses of Aslambhai in Adoration Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega) lines like: "areas of strength for sentiments hai to bina telephone ke Chembur tak awaaz jaata hai" or "Kahan se doctory pass ki? Dongri Clinical School!"

Tapori contact: Yeh Munnabhai bole to kya strong discourse marta hai. Ekdum jhakaas! Aur woh specialist chokri ko bhi kya pole line marelai, apun bole to fultoo fida, kya?

A layer of profound triteness starts to set in during the last 50% of Munnabhai MBBS. The music, as well, might have handily been discarded in this generally easily paced fun flick. The tunes are neither appealing nor essential in the plan of its screenplay.

Tapori contact: Naach gaana dekh ke pak gaya, biddu! Watak le!

Munnabhai MBBS was initially expected to highlight Shah Rukh Khan in the lead spot. The end credits notice his name and say thanks to him for his contributions to the person.

I have no clue about how SRK would have played Munnabhai. Be that as it may, Sanjay Dutt just cakewalks through his job. He is persuading as a bhai, a profound child and a concerned wannabe specialist. The holding and weakness in the dad child scenes with his father, Sunil Dutt are conveyed without being clearly sensational.

Sunil Dutt radiates the glow and elegance of the old man we are undeniably acclimated with finding in our families. Not once does it appear as though an exhibition, Dutt Sr is veritable as far as possible.

One more entertainer without whom Munnabhai MBBS wouldn't be the equivalent is Boman Irani. The man makes you laugh hysterically with his depiction of the clashing, unusual and abnormal Dr Asthana.

Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) is a cheerful man,he lives with his posse in the bylanes of a 'dhobi ghat' in Mumbai; invests heavily in being a 'social laborer' (they really settle 'monetary debates' through 'dadagiri'); and partakes in his liquor, darlings, fights followed by a decent night's rest. Not much annoys Munna. But his folks' yearly visit from the town. Munna's dad, Hari Prasad Sharma, an upstanding, moralistic man accepts that his child is really a specialist running a cause emergency clinic. Each year, when his folks show up, Munna and his group wash, shave, wear white coats and stethoscopes and profess to be persevering specialists. This year, nonetheless, the cunning act self-destructs. Hari Prasad Sharma's runs into a close buddy, Dr. Asthana, who has a girl called Suman. The two conclude that their youngsters, the two specialists, would make an ideal pair. Munna makes a good attempt to save what is happening, yet his dad finds reality. And the situation spins out of control. Hari Prasad Sharma, presently broken by reality, eliminates his white unblemished 'pagadi' and cries. Munnabhai then, at that point, takes a choice that would change many lives : he chooses to turn into a specialist. Munnabhai MBBS is a diverting and endearing story of a neighborhood thug's excursion into the clinical world - a spot he neither has a place with nor has confidence in. It is an exemplary story of an ideal man in an off-base spot.