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About Mere yaar ki shaadi hai Movie 

Screenplay by : Mayur Puri

Directed by : Sanjay Gadhvi

Music by : Jeet-Pritam

Starring : Uday Chopra, Tulip Joshi, Jimmy Sheirgill, Bipasha Basu, Nitesh Pandey,
Tannaz Irani

Release date : 7 June 2002

Running time : 159 mins

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Mere yaar ki shaadi hai Movie 

At each level (projecting, spending plan, melodies, creation values), pic is one indent down from a Chopra super-creation, however it actually makes a fine section level Bollywood pic. What's more, any individual who thinks "Storm Wedding" was really illustrative of contemporary Bollywood ought to simply investigate the genuine article here.
In an obvious endeavor to help him to star status, Uday Chopra is given the lead job of Sanjay Malhotra, an unfortunate in-adoration playboy who dispassionately shares a roomy Mumbai condo with stunning model Ria (Basu). At some point, he gets an unexpected call from his lifelong companion, Anjali (Sanjana), who's simply gotten back to India and declares she's getting hitched. Sanjay is stunned and, after Ria lets him know this is on the grounds that he's enamored with Anjali, the not-too-brilliant lothario flies up north to Dehra Dun to spike the marital.

At the point when Anjali's b.f., Rohit Khanna (Shergill), at last shows up from the U.S., he ends up being a straight-bolt charmer who before long has Anjali's huge family eating out of his hand. After different insidious endeavors to darken Rohit's rep, Sanjay transparently lets him know he's determined to win Anjali for himself — however he isn't helped when Ria unexpectedly turns up professing to be his sweetheart.
However she's charged as making just a "unique appearance," Basu is on screen for huge lumps of the activity, and her underlying return, not long after the interlude, helps returns a sensational lead to the pic's pencil. Shergill has grown significantly since his watery turn as Karan in "Mohabbatein," and ex-model Sanjana — in a stunning assortment of churidar-kurta — makes a noteworthy presentation as Anjali. In any case, neither they nor the charming Uday Chopra (a mixed bag in ideal circumstances) can measure up to Basu in regular screen presence.
The melodic numbers, including two family ensemblers, are very much organized emphatically, and the title wedding number has a really blissful skip. A school gathering dance, intended to feature the four leads together, sadly comes over as an unfortunate connection of one in "Mohabbatein," depending more on showy cutting than anything more.
Script has a praiseworthy leanness, somewhat because of the shortfall of any lighthearted element characters (regularly a sort staple), and auxiliary jobs are vivid without being excessively exaggerated. Tech credits, particularly vet Sharmishta Roy's elegantly luxurious sets, are smooth. Hindi title (who could have imagined) signifies "My Closest companion's Wedding."

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Yashraj-a pennant generally ensures diversion, love, giggling, and certainly a couple of tears and their most recent delivery, Simple Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, is the same. The flick is pretty much a revamp of the English hit My Dearest companions Wedding, which featured Julia Roberts, Dermont Mulroney and Cameron Diaz (even the title deciphers precisely in exactly the same words). However, true to form the flick has been "indianised" and has a considerable measure of returns to flicks like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Murmur Aap Ke Hai Koun and Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai.

The flick spins around Sanjay a.k.a. Sanju (Uday Chopra), a giddy person who lives in a loft in Mumbai with his companion Ria (Bipasha Basu). Sanjay has had a great deal of bombed connections and consistently appears to get unloaded at this point he presently can't seem to experience passionate feelings for or so he thinks.

One day Sanjay gets a call from his young life closest companion Anjali a.k.a. Anju (Sanjana), she is calling to advise him regarding her wedding. Without even a second's pause it hits Sanju that Anju is the young lady of his fantasies. Is it past the point of no return for Sanju? Sanjay gathers his sacks and heads off to Dehradun. Everything appears to work out positively in Dehradun as Sanjay gradually prevails upon the hearts of Anju's relatives including Anju's all's hovering guardians (Alok Nath and Neena Kulkarni), Anju's unconventional sister (Tanaaz Currim), the adorable grandmother (Dina Patthak), the lone wolf uncle (Saurabh Shukla) and the odd grandmother (Bindu). He prevails with regards to doing that until Sanjay's most obviously awful trepidation shows up as Anju's life partner Rohit (Jimmy Shergill)! Rohit, it appears, is amazing all around he is attractive, taught, smooth, refined and the family appears to cherish him as well! Thus starts Sanjay's "honorable" mission to split the two up cleverly. Rohit before long figures out that Sanjay is behind the issues happening among Anjali and himself and he proposes a fair test/battle to Sanjay in which the best man wins.

Jimmy Shergill is great in his clearheaded job. He looks like it he plays and articles his job with respect. He matches Uday Chopra for the vast majority of the part despite the fact that his job isn't as substantial and makes some meaningful difference without a doubt, particularly in the showdown scene before the span. Newbie Sanjana

is simply great. She is likewise a normal Yash Chopra model person loaded up with chuckling and tears. She is extremely adorable and looks beautiful in her Indian clothing. She makes her presence felt however has far to go before she makes it in the top section. Bipasha Basu in a lengthy visitor job gives a great record of herself and shows she truly does likewise have a magnificent comic streak in her. This young lady is only a pack of ability and the crowd will drink up her job. Of the supporting cast Alok Nath, Dina Patthak, Pariksit Sahani, Tanaaz Currim all do their jobs true to form. Just Saurabh Shukla and Neena Kulkarni champion in their particular jobs. Shamita Shetty sizzles in her routine appearance. She has an exquisite body and has lost a great deal of weight since Mohabbatein.