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About Jinde meriye Movie 

Written by : Pankaj Batra

Directed by : Pankaj Batra

Edited by : Manish More

Starring : Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa,
Yuvraj Hans

Release date : 24 January 2020

Running time : 141 minutes

Language : Punjabi

Country : India

Storyline of Jinde meriye Movie 

Our heart goes out to Yuvraj Hans for the terrible name the man is given in the film which gives his personality a messy introduction and fails to help him till the end. Discussing the veterans, Anita Devgan, Malkit Rauni and Hardeep Gill are impeccably projected in their jobs. Hardeep Gill assuming the part of Sonam's dad is very persuading for us. Likewise, how Malkit Rauni dazzles us and shows how capable these veterans are. However, the one who dominates here is Side interest Dhaliwal. The man however is given a weighty look yet what didn't work for us is the effect that the person might have had on our brains, had it been dealt with all the more properly, particularly the initial scene. Indeed, even Ravinder Mand conveyed a recognition commendable execution.

The villians of the film were all awful decisions beginning from the school fellow with the BMW to the Sandhu drug mafia - unconvincing and entertaining.

The film closes at a silly note where we might in fact see one of the gori officials snickering constantly while holding the crying Rehmat. (Jaali) The scene is so unwantedly misrepresented and inept ke banda kehnda baiji gallan baadch krleniya si pehla goodness jehdi kashti khdi si ohde chappu mrvaune si tez taajo bach jande!

The music of the film is normal too yet the title tune is a champ. Prabh Gill's voice contacts the heart strings and stays there.

Finishing up everything, one thing that we're actually pondering is - Why the man, being from a pind in Punjab, doesn't have the foggiest idea what the effect of medications on an individual is? Why he understood it in a run down clinic in Glasgow? Veere ethe koi nasheydi takreya ni si kde ya Punjab de halaatan naa jaanu nahi si aapji?

Some way or another the couple don't get along or suit each other that much. Parmish Verma who is the lead legend of the film doesn't persuade. However we've generally recommended that the man cleans his discourse conveyance abilities and in this one, once more, we're certain that he wants to figure out how to convey exchanges, particularly when he's to play the cuddly person. Discussing his Glasgow looks, he was wearing long over coats to show that he's the big deal baddie addict yet hey..what happened to the fit? It made him look 'not a man enough' to convey the clothing that he was given. Also, what struck a chord when he was strolling the streets trading his LV sacks for cash - Eh aap hee turya firda bargains lai jadki he has the group and he said ethe iko lord hai te gracious han fundamental'! Baiji such lords truly don't go strolling on the streets like this (Leh das)

Navneet Kaur Dhillon is one more failure point in the film. The entertainer is such a loner that she doesn't look breathtaking. Her exchange conveyance and act are very frail in the film. There are scenes like the clinic one which is so severely done that we can't help thinking about for what reason did the creators even cast her. Indeed, even her point in the film is like what on God's green earth man..eh je saara time guard dog si ta eh pehla hee bthera kujh kr skdi si than trusting that the man will become inebriated and succumb to her in a bar! (not to forget 'Chal simple naal')

Parmish Verma Starrer Jinde Meriye Punjabi Film is good to go to stir things up around town screens on 24 january 2020. It is a forthcoming Punjabi heartfelt movie, Which coordinated by Pankaj Batra. The film featuring by Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa, Yuvraj Hans and Navneet Kaur Dhillon in the number one spot jobs. According to See most recent Jinde Meriye Punjabi Film is one of the most expected movies of Punjabi Diversion motion pictures, the star Parmish Verma and Sonam Bajwa science is amazing which pulled in the Punjabi film sweethearts. Jinde Meriye Film Survey Punjabi Fans have been energetically hanging tight for the film The film is delivered by Pankaj Batra, Ashu Munish Sahni, Aniket Kawade, Preeta Batra and Amandeep Singh and co-created by Mandip Dhami. film set to relese on 24 January 2020.

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Parmish Verma and Sonam Bajwa were most recently seen together in Singham. Their science was commended in those days, so having them on board again is the USP of the film. Among the most expected movies of the year, Jinde Meriye is a heartfelt show. It is an account of Yaadi (Parmish Verma) and his dearest Rehmat (played by Sonam Kapoor). They are adolescence pals who turn darlings. While Yaadi is an imprudent kid in school, Rehmat is a true understudy. Girl of a teacher (Hardeeep Gill) who is a solitary parent, she longs for a straightforward and fair life. Then again, Yaadi needs fast achievement and have every one of the extravagances. The two of them need to be hitched however Rehmat's father is against it since he thinks Yaadi isn't the right person for her in view of his disposition towards life.

As an outcome of a few unsavory occasions, Rehmat needs to pick either her dad and her sweetheart. She, obviously, sides her dad. The two of them move to Scotland and begin another life. Like any regular Punjabi family, the dad tracks down a NRI for her little girl. In the mean time, Yaadi, who is frantically enamored with Rehmat comes to Britain despite everything. The film gets another turn, when he joins a medication mafia to understand his fantasies. With the aspiration to demonstrate Rehmat's dad that he has all the riches and solace to marry his girl, Yaadi does everything unlawful. He has everything except his first love. The film has one more point and that is the most amazing aspect of it. Indeed, even subsequent to being a banality story of a fellow and young lady in adoration who go through partition which drives the person to follow some unacceptable way, this one spotlights on how the utilization of medications is killing millions. It likewise features the way that few out of every odd story can have a cheerful completion, particularly when the legend enjoys unjust demonstrations loaning it a bit of the real world. In this way, the reason perhaps old yet the treatment is new. Taking everything into account, the supporting cast holds the story similarly solid as the lead pair. At focuses however, Parmish can't mirror the feelings that should be shown by his personality. Parmish and Sonam in all actuality do look great together. Exclusively, Sonam didn't have an extremely impressive person in the story and some place the flick is overwhelmed by the male entertainers. All things considered, it has its products and bads however unquestionably doesn't make you lament in the wake of watching it.