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About Happy new year Movie 

Produced by : Gauri Khan

Directed by : Farah Khan

Edited by : Anand Subaya

Starring : Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood,
Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff

Release dates : 23 October 2014

Running time : 180 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Happy new year Movie 

Chandramohan Manohar Sharma, otherwise called Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan), is a road contender who has been longing for vengeance from Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) for a considerable length of time. Grover, with his rich and contemptible psyche, marked Charlie's dad, Manohar Sharma (Anupam Kher) as a criminal in light of the fact that Charan had conned him into taking his own Jewels (he took his own precious stones and outlined Sharma for taking them) valued at INR 100 crore ($15 million). Charlie figures out through the media that jewels worth $300 crore will arrive at the Atlantis Inn (claimed by Charan Grover in the film) on Christmas Eve. He needs to take similar precious stones and edge Grover. To achieve this, he should collect a unique group.

First in quite a while group is Previous Armed force Bomb Crew Chief Jagmohan Prakash, or Jag (Sonu Sood) who has a lack of consultation which happened when he neglected to disarm an explosive; he gets enraged when somebody affronts his mom. Second in his group is Tehmton Irani, or Tammy, (Boman Irani) who is an overweight jogger and experiences epileptic fits. It is likewise uncovered that Tammy and Manohar were closest companions. Third in the group is Rohan Singh (Vivaan Shah), a youthful programmer who Charlie accepts can hack into Shalimar's electronic framework. He is likewise Jag's nephew. After completely investigating about the vault, the group finds the fundamental vault involves a biometric lock (unique finger impression lock). The issue is that only one individual can get to the vault whenever: Vicky Grover (Abhishek Bachchan), Charan's child. So they enroll the guide of a carbon copy, Nandu Bhide (Abhishek Bachchan). Charlie portray his group as ek full time bewda (Nandu), ek sanki jadeya (Tammy), ek bhari banduk sipahi (Jag), ek badmaash bachcha (Rohan).

It is uncovered that Tammy was enormously infatuated with the Shalimar vault and he is the main one to open the vault without the blend. The genuine Shalimar vault has a laser safeguard before the vault whose code mix is changed regular. The group figures out a shortcoming that the Shalimar safe is in the Atlantis inn underground which is associated through an air conduit framework which is additionally associated with room 9C, a parlor in Atlantis. Charlie then, at that point, makes sense of that there is an issue, that room 9C is reserved for a group taking part On the planet Dance Title (WDC), a moving rivalry. The gathering declines, yet Charlie re-propels the gathering, persuading them to turn into a dance group.

The genuine story is in the long run uncovered: Manohar was a designer in vaults. He met Charan Grover, who was a seller in African jewels, gave him an agreement to fabricate an impervious vault. After the vault was finished, Charan medicated Manohar and conned him into taking the precious stones by utilizing his fingerprints. Frantic to win the opposition, they utilize many dance educators, however without much of any result. In urgency, Nandu acquaints Charlie with Mohini Joshi (Deepika Padukone), who is a Marathi bar artist. Mohini ultimately assists them with figuring out how to move, uninformed about their aims. Charlie and Mohini become extremely close.

They figure out how to qualify in the main round (by coercing the adjudicators with proof of their mysterious gay relationship) and in the long run win the opposition to address Group India in the WDC (by having Rohan hack the machine that counts the votes). Many individuals (counting and particularly Indians) detest them for their absence of moving ability, yet Charlie and his group (barring the neglectful Mohini) are just worried about the heist.

In Dubai, different contenders are particularly unfriendly towards Group India, including Grover as he looks at India as a group of washouts. During the principal round, they are set in opposition to Group Korea, Charlie even battled with the Group Korea's skipper at an exceptionally hazardous spot. At the semi-last, their presentation is stopped when Charlie saves a falling kid individual from the opponent, quickly acquiring appreciation and deference from the crowd the world over as well as different groups (counting the thankful Group Korea). Subsequent to going over the arrangement, everything is prepared. The group ultimately figure out that the precious stones will show up on New Year's Eve rather than Christmas which blocks the heist. However Group Korea secure the last situation in the elimination rounds, the adjudicators, moved by Charlie's saving of Korea's artist and their soul, conclude that Group India will contend in the finals as a Special case expansion. Throughout the span of the weeks paving the way to the finals, the individuals from Group India become adored big names according to the general population.

Mohini winds up hearing the entire story concerning why they needed vengeance, furiously going up against Charlie and his bogus inspirations of the opposition. Charlie uncovers a stunning mystery that Manohar isn't in prison yet is dead. After Manohar was captured, he pursued for a preliminary, however Grover paid off Manohar's legal counselors and messed with the proof. The following day, it was shown that Manohar ended it all by cutting his wrists with a razor. Charlie stayed quiet about this from different individuals to hold back from crippling them. In any case, the group trusts that this main makes their assurance to vindicate Manohar much more grounded. Mohini hesitantly joins the group and helps them for the heist.

The evening of the last round, the heist is gotten under way. Mohini draws Vicky into a lift, permitting a hidden Nandu and Jag to steady him briefly while Nandu has his spot. For the thumbprint, Jag paints POP on his thumb, eliminates it and puts it on Nandu's thumb matching the print. While Tammy breaks the vault mix, he experiences an epileptic fit, nonetheless, they open in time. Everything appears to go very well until Charlie and Tammy see as one more protected inside made of glass which houses the precious stones and Vicky awakens. Tammy understands that Manohar assembled this protected and that the secret word ought to be known by Charlie. After a meeting of profound thought, Charlie enters in the secret phrase (the secret word being "CHARLIE") Once effectively taking the precious stones (and covering their tracks as a whole), the group sheets a close by boat, however Mohini will not come as she feels committed to safeguarding India's distinction with the opposition. Rohan in the long run takes steps to join her too, prompting a battle among the excess individuals over what they ought to do straightaway.

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Assumptions can be a weight, and "Cheerful New Year" is weighty loaded: chief Farah Khan and driving man Shahrukh Khan (no connection) have made two earlier elements, 2004's "Primary Hoon Na" and 2007's "Om Shanti Om," that fall anyplace between "loads of tomfoolery" and "all-time work of art" contingent upon whom one asks, and there are a lot of individuals one can ask, as the two movies were colossally famous. Also, Farah's movement held Shahrukh back from tumbling off the highest point of a train in "Dil Se." For Western crowds new to these titles, do the trick to say, this chief star pair's gathering is No joking matter. What's more, as though that wasn't sufficient, they've been creating, somewhat or other, "Cheerful New Year" for very nearly 10 years.

While an unquestionable claim that expecting another "Om Shanti Om" or a work of comparably sensational scale is setting the bar unreasonably high, in any event, resetting all variables to nonpartisan, "Blissful New Year" would be a strangely messy piece of work. Its reason is an enticing one given the chief's colossal expertise as a choreographer and visual beautician and deft hand with satire. The child of a sentenced hoodlum collects a group to get payback against the evil head honcho who outlined the dad by taking a bunch of priceless precious stones, which expects that the vindicators enter a dance rivalry. The execution of that reason is very unpredictable; there are not many motion pictures in living memory that kick back between amazingly hostile comic business and absolutely incapacitating humorousness as definitely as this one.

That irregular angle to the parody causes faltering prior to marking it out and out as homophobic or bigot. There are cowardly straight male gay frenzy gags one next to the other with abnormal however obviously friendly normalizing of gay craving. There are genuinely stunning snapshots of prejudice toward East Asians (counting a "they all clone" joke that, albeit despised by one more person on-screen, is as yet a "they all carbon copy" joke in 2014), one next to the other with an entire subplot about Shahrukh showing how moderate he is by being pleasant to a North Korean youngster.

Practically the whole first 50% of the film, until the interlude, is somewhat of a catastrophe. The final part, including really moving and the realization of the heist plot, is significantly more tomfoolery. The heist groupings are rigidly arranged, foolishly beyond absurd convolution in the soul of "Sea's Eleven" or Shahrukh Khan's own "Wear" redo and continuation, making no sense and, surprisingly, reasonable linearity every step of the way, and very fun. Be that as it may, it's the dance successions, highlighting cortex-softening ensemble plan and Farah Khan movement — it's not her best work, but rather even a somewhat off-her-game Farah Khan overshadows simple humans — go quite far toward making the entire undertaking beneficial.

That the whole of the endeavor is "a lot of celebrities messing about and moving a little" shouldn't serve completely as an excusal. Abshishek Bachchan is an astounding champion in a double job as the bad guy's layabout child — complete with blue contact focal points and a cleverly on the money American pronunciation — and the crazy alcoholic the heroes enroll on the grounds that he's a carbon copy. Frequently a lethally firm entertainer and frightful artist, Bachchan seems like somebody opened his actual satire valve here, giving his loosest, most clever execution in years, while possibly not ever. What's more, concerning his moving, indeed, the general purpose is that the legends are terrible artists here. Deepika Padukone's job as the expert got to get them ready is disastrously little and undemanding; recruiting a star of her type for a job this undemanding is over the top excess. Yet, that is one of "Blissful New Year's" chief purposes behind being: everybody in the film is a star.

This isn't, to say the least, Shahrukh Khan working at the pinnacle of his powers. That Padukone quotes one of his better minutes (a persuasive discourse he conveyed to the young lady's field hockey group he trained in "Chak De! India") with the sexual orientations flipped, prior to slicing to an irritated response shot from SRK, says a great deal regarding the film overall. That and different callbacks to his past wonders just feature how much he's progressing automatically for a significant part of the film here. However, likewise with the chief, even sub-top SRK is better compared to most. Where this contrasts is that there are a lot of other celebrities noticeably putting in much more effort not too far off in similar scenes with him.

If "Blissful New Year" motivates anybody to look at "Principal Hoon Na" or "Om Shanti Om," it will consider a triumph on that ground alone. On its own benefits, it has some ridiculously fun dance successions, a few entertaining pieces, and a great list of standard Bollywood ability. It's a disgrace that those up-sides can't completely offset the chaotic, lethargic and moronic stuff that cushions out the rest of the running time.