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About Go goa gone Movie

Story by : Raj and D.K, Sita Menon

Directed by : Raj and D.K.

Music by : Sachin–Jigar

Starring : Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Anand Tiwari, Puja Gupta

Release date : 10 May 2013

Running time : 112 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Go goa gone Movie 

'Go Goa Gone' is an all out performer that welcomes on the snickers while having you as eager and anxious as ever considering what's straightaway! It rotate around a gathering of companions alongside individuals from the Russian mafia stall out on a far off island off the shore of Goa, when new medications at a rave party are consumed by the visitors, transforming them into zombies.

Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Luv (Vir Das) are two dope-heads, living with their flat mate/companion Rabbit (Anand Tiwari). After Hardik loses his employment and Luv gets unloaded by his sweetheart, both choose to follow alongside Rabbit to Goa to unwind. In Goa, Luv succumbs to Luna (Puja Gupta), and she welcomes the folks to a rave party, coordinated by the Russian mafia, which is being hung on a detached island. At the party another medication, D2RF, is sent off. None of the companions accept it as it's for Rs 5K. The following morning, the three flat mates find that the island has been tainted by the "living dead" (zombies), and the three men save Luna from her estate and remain together in order to make due. A Russian mafioso, Boris (Saif Ali Khan, initially from Delhi/Dilli), shows up and uncovers himself as a zombie slayer.

The three flat mates and Luna intend to utilize the boat they had used to make a trip to the island to escape from it. At long last, subsequent to getting away from the woodland, they find that the central area has likewise been swarmed by the zombies, compelling them to find one more way to survive.Boris lets them know the boat will return to the first spot by pivoting the island as the boat was taken by a zombie.They see as a home completely empty and choose to remain there. Borris leaves them four in the house saying he has significant work with his accomplice Nicolae. Around evening time after Borris leaves, the zombies track down the house and assault them four. They take off from the zombies and arrive at the rave party region searching for food. They are pursued by zombies there moreover. Rabbit enters a tent and is demonstrated to be dead. The three figure out how to escape with the assistance of Borris and Nicole: who show up in the nick of time. On the manner in which Nicole gets chomped by a zombie so they abandon him. The three are misery blasted as Rabbit is dead.

They understand Borris had returned to acquire his costly Cocaine. While trusting that the boat will show up, Hardik gets a call from Rabbit saying he's alive and on top of a pinnacle. Them four go to save him where Boris is encircled by the zombies and the four adolescents escape.

At the point when they arrive at Borris' jeep, Rabbit lets them know that he tossed cocaine at the zombies which were coming to go after him. The blending of the red pill and cocaine made them still. They return to save Boris, they toss the cocaine bundles towards the sky and request that Boris shoot it. This stunt works and every one of the zombies reach a stop.

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How about we get this straight right toward the start. A film about zombies going after Goa sounds more like a thought befitting a computer game from the nineties, than a work of art of a film. The format of repulsiveness and heavenly movies that we are know all about in India is for the most part populated by lengthy and white-confronted, pompous phantoms with the personal conduct standards of a specific Cart Bindra. You can't be accused on the off chance that you stroll into a performance center screening Go Goa Gone anticipating simply the caramel popcorn.

Furthermore, that is precisely why DK and Raj Nidimoru's film surprises you and sends you out traveling that is crazy, indecently droll and subsequently totally fulfilling.

There's a sad story that the chiefs set off on a mission to tell in Go Goa Gone. The film rotates around three companions cum-flatmates in Mumbai. Hardik (Kunal Khemu), is a doped good-for-nothing whose main interests in life are cannabis, cigarettes, liquor and ladies in no specific request. His closest companion and partner is Luv (Vir Das), who is gotten between his desire to be a 'superior man' and the indecencies he imparts to Hardik. What's more, Rabbit (Anand Tiwari), a serious confronted, enterprising representative of a similar firm the other two work in.

Saif Ali Khan in his home creation, makes a stride back, and lets the remainder of the cast hoard the spotlight and which is all well and good. He makes and appearance very late into the film as the claiming to-be Russian Mafioso Boris and, surprisingly, then he doesn't make himself a consistent installation in the storyline. Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and a splendid Anand Tiwari keep the film intact tremendously without any Saif. Truth be told, the groupings which make you laugh out loud the most are ones which don't have Saif in it.

Having said that, Saif merits a solid measure of commendation for consenting to turn up in that film and have his hair colored in that monstrous shade of blonde. Particularly when it takes steps to revive scarring recollections of a detestation called Tashan. Indeed, he seems to be a Bollywood star should search in our movies - unimaginably smooth or guilefully unfortunate. He seems to be a cartoon and plays it as far as possible.

Go Goa Gone works in a way like why Delhi Tummy did. Wonderfully paced and cleverly altered at a little more than two hours long, the chiefs don't allow you to harp a lot on the strangeness of the story they are telling you. Dissimilar to blood and gore movies that Bollywood has made before, it is neither shot in a serious tone of a biopic nor sprinkled with probably mixing visual representations like a hyperventilating crow, self-fixated entryway and tragically dubious homegrown assistance.

As a matter of fact, while you don't expect a film like this to make it happen, Go Goa Gone takes up generalizations propagated by Bollywood and welcome you to enjoy a hearty chuckle at them. A valid example: the much manhandled moving around-trees successions worked out with a zombie young lady pursuing Kunal Khemu.

The other star of the film obviously, is its exchanges. Saif's 'I fall dead individuals', is only a little grab of the verging on-presumptuous discoursed of the film that devour the unexpected comicality of the obliviousness of the principal characters.

Watch Go Goa Gone in the event that the unadulterated clumsiness of a carriage of washouts can possibly engage you as opposed to starting off a women's activist hostile. You can trust me, you will love putting your cash on it.