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About Fifty shades of grey Movie 

Screenplay by : Kelly Marcel

Directed by : Sam Taylor-Johnson

Music by : Danny Elfman

Starring : Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan,
Jennifer Ehle, Marcia Gay Harden

Release dates : February 9, 2015

Running time : 125 minutes

Language : English

Country : United States

Storyline of Fifty shades of grey Movie 

That is, except if you needed to figure out how to reuse that peacock feather that has been lying around the house.

Think about the despoiling scene. I very much want the one in "Ida," Poland's unknown dialect Oscar competitor, between a religious recluse in-preparing and a hot saxophone player (is there some other kind?) than the publicity heightened reflexive room experience between a lip-gnawing virgin with a 4.0 GPA and her obsessive person tycoon in "Fifty Shades."

Notwithstanding the splendid endeavors of Dakota Johnson, who joyfully has acquired quite a bit of mother Melanie Griffith's minx-like persona, and Jamie Dornan, who as colleagues let me know played a unimaginably alluring chronic executioner in the religion Television program "The Fall," there is generally a feeling of each and every suggestive second being arranged by board. A wisp of pubic hair here, a butt shot there, curve that back, push those hips. One, two, three, pant.

Might you at any point figure that, in spite of her name, chief Sam Taylor-Johnson is a lady? Indeed, if by some stroke of good luck for the most telling and maybe savvies exclusion. That is, similar as the Ken doll he looks like, Doran's masculinity is saved prudently stowed away put something aside for one transient and barely uncovering groin cam shot. Essentially, the main body parts permitted to be erect are Johnson's areolas, which are in plain view such a lot of they most likely required their own Droop cards.

The reasoning behind this decision is possible that most of the large numbers of ladies who purchased the pop-lit peculiarity would prefer to delight in the heartfelt dream of a smart girl attempting to tame a messed up man than focus on seeing male genitalia in the tissue (particularly since "Fifty Shades" is appearing on a lot of IMAX screens). Before you contend in any case, consider that 2011's profoundly unequivocal "Disgrace" scarcely netted under $18 million overall despite the fact that a stunning example like Michael Fassbender gladly streaked his shillelagh each opportunity he got.

There is, notwithstanding, one action that established a connection with me. At the point when Johnson's Anastasia Steele rides the lap of Dornan's Christian Dim while he is situated on a piano seat (with his melancholy nighttime ivory tickling, maybe De Sade and the Ghost of the Drama had a kid together), he figures out how to utilize his twisted arms like a forklift under her shapely behind, get her easily and whisk her back into the boudoir.

At last we discover that as opposed to dating, Christian likes to select young ladies like Ana as submissives who eagerly respect his favored kind of discipline in his skyscraper home's very much supplied hideout, scandalously known as the Red Room of Agony. Be that as it may, before we get to the wrinkle, which takes up a shockingly modest quantity of the running time, we should address what Taylor-Johnson and company (counting screenwriter Kelly Marcel, who expressed "Saving Mr. Banks," likewise about one more female tormented by a grieved man) get right.

In addition to the fact that all are the clumsily composed source material's emotional foolish interjections ("Heavenly poo!" is an ordinary) and senseless references to our champion's Jiminy Cricket-like "inward goddess" mysteriously gone. It appears to be that somebody understood how crazy the primary gatherings between off-kilter undergrad Anastasia and scaring Seattle-based enterprising prodigy Christian are and settled to infuse an overflow of humor weighty on stacked risqué remarks close by a decent measure of strain.

Ana and the mysterious financial specialist flash a feline and-mouse pursuit when she steps in to direct a meeting for her school paper after her correspondent flat mate becomes sick. Before long he shows up at the folksy home improvement shop where she works, intriguingly purchasing link ties and veiling tape, and appears at the last possible second to save an intoxicated Ana from an excessively passionate male companion and letting her portion his lodging to recuperate. It doesn't take well before her virginity is history and the game is hatching.

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This week, the name of that penance is Fifty Shades Liberated.

The third and last — we should delay and relish that word briefly — transformation of the "sensual sentiment" novel series by Erika Mitchell (pseudonym: E. L. James), Fifty Shades Liberated is exactly basically as monstrous as one would envision. Or, in other words, it is far more regrettable than the main film — which, however terrible, looking back seems to be Resident Kane, just with more conversation of dildos. I'd put the new movie pretty much on a standard with the subsequent one, Fifty Shades Hazier, which seems OK given that both were shot simultaneously, were coordinated by James Foley (whose essential proposal is that he coordinated Glengarry Glen Ross many, quite a while back), and were adjusted by Niall Leonard (whose foremost suggestion is that he is hitched to Erika Mitchell).

To make up for lost time any individual who is either new to the series or as proficient as I might be in the craft of constraint: In the primary film, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), a virginal understudy, was convinced by the tycoon business visionary Christian Dim (Jamie Dornan) to turn into his S&M sexual "compliant." She revolted enigmatically toward the finish of the film, just to be effectively charmed again in the second, which generally put away the devious S&M subject that had been the whole reasoning for the venture in any case. (Its "peak" was that Christian took Ana to his Red Room of Agony and … applied rub oil.) The main different pieces that I consider were any significance are that 1) Ana's supervisor at the Seattle distributing house where she worked physically attacked her, so Christian made things happen to have him terminated; and 2) Christian proposed marriage, offering a ring sufficiently enormous to serve as a bocce ball, and Ana acknowledged.

Unfortunately, the special night is stopped. A female subordinate of Christian's calls to let him know that somebody broke into his organization's "server room" and exploded an "unstable gadget." Watching the security film, Ana perceives the gatecrasher as Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), the previous manager who went after her and was basically terminated by Christian. "How could he do that?" Ana inquires. Truly? Insane or not, his intention appears to be plainly obvious. Or on the other hand is it?