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About Fanaa Movie 

Produced by : Aditya Chopra, Yash Chopra

Directed by : Kunal Kohli

Music by : Jatin-Lalit

Starring : Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor
Kirron Kher, Tabu, Sharat Saxena

Release date : 26 May 2006

Running time : 176 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Fanaa Movie 

This discourse is the substance of Yash Raj Movies' most recent endeavor, Fanaa. The film stars the over the top entertainer Aamir Khan, the rebound entertainer Kajol Devgan, the days of old chocolate kid Rishi Kapoor, Kirron Kher, Forbidden and Shiney Ahuja in visitor appearances. Fanaa is coordinated by Kunal Kohli and marks the rebound of Kajol Devgan. This film additionally breaks the dash of terrible movies like Salaam Namaste and Neal 'n' Nikki that came from the Yash Raj camp. At the end of the day, Fanaa is truly a decent film. There were exclusive requirements for this film in view of the film being from the Yash Raj camp, in light of the fact that the movies had two astonishing entertainers in the number one spot jobs, in light of the fact that the film marks the rebound of Kajol as well as the last time Jatin and Lalit cooperate to give music for a film. Fanaa, without a doubt, satisfies the hopes yet just that.

The film starts with the main trailer of Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (one more motivation to go watch the film). As the credits roll along, we hear 'Sare Jahaan Se Acha' behind the scenes with lovely cold mountain landscapes.

Fanaa is an account of a wonderful Kashmiri young lady, Zooni (Kajol Devgan), who is visually impaired and her adoration, Rehan (Aamir Khan), who plays a local escort. Zooni is very and quiet. Then again, Rehan is fun and fiery. The two meet in Delhi and Zooni becomes hopelessly enamored with Rehan and educates him how she feels regarding him. Right now, she sees that Rehan is hesitant in uncovering his inclination about her. She argues him to excuse him of any misstep that she could have made lastly, the two meet up. Rehan and Zooni choose to get hitched with the gifts of Zooni's folks (Rishi Kapoor and Kirron Kher).

All of a sudden, they figure out that Zooni can be worked and can get her visual perception back. Zooni is promptly worked and gets her visual perception back and is glad to see her folks and the world at last. Yet, when she needs to see Rehan, he's not there. Where could he be? Is it true or not that he is absent or dead? Does he have one more side to him that he's reluctant about the possibility of uncovering? The film proceeds to address these inquiries and significantly more.

Fanaa is a sort of film which leaves you with blended responses. The sole fault for this goes to the exclusive requirements from the film. On the off chance that it wasn't normal that Kajol's rebound film will be out of the world and the fussbudget Aamir's film will simply blow away the crowd or the Yash Raj label wasn't on the film, the film would have appeared to be preferable over it did. This surely doesn't imply that Fanaa is certainly not a decent film, it's simply that due to the publicity that is connected to the film, it leaves the crowd imagining that there wasn't a thing 'unique' in the film or the film wasn't unbelievable, true to form.

The storyline of Fanaa is extremely extraordinary and unique. It doesn't shrink away from the real issue nor does it show feel sorry for the 'poor' blind young lady, as she appears to be happy with herself and her life. Something else that is perfect about the storyline is that it has great exciting bends in the road that are additionally reasonable and don't appear to be dramatically overemphasized or illogical. All that occurs in the story is a lot of conceivable to happen and doesn't, in any capacity, give off an impression of being just 'made up.' It's a canny piece of work by Shibani Bathija.

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The legendary Bollywood party "Fanaa" goes such a long ways beyond ludicrous that it rethinks itself midway and dispatches on a fresh out of the plastic new direction of the crazy. We start in the territories, where a lovely visually impaired young lady, Zooni (Kajol), is felt sorry for her absence of a spouse. On showing up in Delhi to play out a tremendous routine number for the yearly Freedom Day festivity, she becomes hopelessly enamored with Rehan, a smarmy, over-embellished local escort (Aamir Khan).

Their dull sentiment is invigorated by trades of verse, off the cuff melodic numbers and skips through metropolitan quality, which is all subverted by a grotesqueness of soul that takes into consideration a great lady to fall (vacant) head over (loyal) heels for a repulsive driving man. Credit the chief, Kunal Kohli, for the outdated effortlessness of his narrating, notwithstanding his crude sexual legislative issues.

However right when "Fanaa" takes steps to suffocate you in a sweets shaded ocean of saccharin — this being the second when Zooni looks into the medical clinic for a supernatural retina substitution — the story springs its snare. Before you know it's Kashmiri assailants exploding helicopters, gunfights on snowmobiles, deceives, decoded messages and individuals lost precipices. Yippee for Bollywood!

The Zooni-Rehan undertaking neglects to parse as everything except a silly sort build, yet when they're reconfigured in the final part of this extremely lengthy film, the possibility of their relationship is explained. "Fanaa" winds up a shockingly resolute sensation of an antiromantic proposal.