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About Dilwale dulhania le jayenge Movie 

Written by : Aditya Chopra

Directed by : Aditya Chopra

Music by : Jatin–Lalit

Starring : Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol

Release date : 20 October 1995

Running time : 189 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India 

Storyline of Dilwale dulhania le jayenge Movie 

The story is of two NRIs living in London, named Raj Malhotra (Shahrukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol). Raj and Simran both worth their Indian roots however the two have encountered different nurturing styles. Simran has been raised by her moderate dad Baldev (Amrish Puri) while Raj's dad (Anupam Kher) is more liberal.

    Simran has consistently longed for a kid she portrays as Mr. Perfect, accepting he is an ideal one for her. Her mom Lajjo (Farida Jalal) cautions her against this, saying these fantasies won't ever materialized. Her dad Baldev before long gets a letter from his companion Ajit (Satish Shah) who lives in Punjab. Ajit needs to keep a commitment he and Baldev made to one another quite a while back — to have Simran wed his child Kuljeet (Parmeet Sethi). Simran is disheartened by this information — she would rather not wed someone whom she has never met. In the mean time, Raj has bombed his certificate which shockingly makes his dad pleased with him. Raj inquires as to whether he can go on an Eurail trip with his companions around Europe. His dad concurs. Afterward, Raj enters Baldev's shop and takes some lager which incenses him, settling on him decision Raj a shame to Indians. Simran is likewise welcomed by her companions to go on the Eurail trip. Simran lets her dad know that she figures she ought to be permitted to go on the grounds that it will be her last opportunity to see the world before she weds a total outsider. Baldev lets her go however tells her not to deceive his trust.

    On the Eurail, Raj and Simran meet. Raj continually plays with Simran, causing her a deep sense of disturbance. Then, the two miss their train to Zurich and are isolated from their companions. They begin to make a trip with each other to get back up and become companions all the while. Raj falls head over heels for Simran on the excursion and when the two of them head out in different directions back in London, Simran likewise understands that she is enamored with him, as well. Simran enlightens her mom concerning Raj — Baldev hears the discussion and ends up being irate with Simran. He says that the family will leave for India the following day for good. In the interim, Raj educates his dad regarding Simran and that she is getting hitched soon. At the point when Raj says he accepts Simran loves him as well, his dad urges him to pursue her. Raj shows up at her home in London, just to find that she has proactively left for India. She left a gift they had purchased together on their outing on her entryway patio be that as it may, which urges Raj to continue to pursue her.

    In India, Baldev is glad to be brought together with his companion Ajit along with every one of his family members. Simran and her more youthful sister, Chutki, meet Kuljeet, Simran's life partner, and in a split second abhorrence him because of his self-importance. Simran actually can't fail to remember Raj and is hopeless about wedding Kuljeet. Her mom advises her to fail to remember Raj since she realizes that Baldev won't ever acknowledge it. Baldev promises that Simran will think twice about it in the event that she doesn't fail to remember Raj. The following morning, Simran listens to a recognizable sound and races to the fields to track down Raj there. She implores him to remove her and run since she realizes her dad won't ever allow them to be together. Raj rejects and says he will just wed Simran with her dad's assent. Raj gets to know Kuljeet and gets immediately acknowledged by his and Simran's family, all except for Baldev who is as yet furious about Raj taking from his shop. Before long Raj's dad shows up in India and furthermore turns out to be old buddies with everybody. Raj and Simran hatch various plans to stay away from her wedding to Kuljeet. Right off the bat, they make it look like Simran cut her finger so she doesn't need to wear a wedding band. Also, Simran professes to black out during her Karva Chauth quick so Raj can be the first to take care of her, not Kuljeet. In the long run Lajjo and Chutki understand that Raj is the one Simran experienced passionate feelings for in Europe. Lajjo advises Raj and Simran to take off, however Raj actually rejects. Baldev and Raj become old buddies until Baldev finds a photo of Raj and Simran in Europe and understands that Raj is the kid Simran had filled them in about. He straightforwardly affronts Raj and advises him to take off from the house and never return.

    Raj shows up at the station. Kuljeet and his companions show up and begin to go after Raj. Raj's dad before long comes to his guard and is additionally gone after. In the end Baldev and Ajit show up at the station and stop Raj, who then, at that point, sheets the leaving train with his dad. Simran before long shows up with her mom and sister. She attempts to join Raj on the train yet Baldev stops her. Simran beseeches him to let her go, saying she can't survive without Raj. Baldev at last wakes up and understands that no one can cherish his little girl more than Raj does. He allows her to go to join Raj, which she does cheerfully, while the train takes off.

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The film is a peculiarity. In the Maratha Mandir, it plays before crowds that know each scene and can sing each verse. "DDLJ's" renowned slogan is "Come… become hopelessly enamored" and those crowds return over and over to fall head over heels for the beguiling joker Raj (Shahrukh Khan) and reasonable, wonderful, energetic Simran (Kajol) as totally as the couple go gaga for one another.

Raj and Simran's is the romantic tale of an age. There has been no comparable couple in Western films in the period since "DDLJ's" discharge. They are among the interminable screen couples. Watching "DDLJ" I feel similar frantic longing for the darlings to be joined that I feel watching "Casablanca", "When Harry Met Sally" or "Brief Experience."

Simran and Raj both experienced childhood in London. Raj, a rich playboy, has recently goofed his direction through a few squandered a long time at college, and Simran, a submissive girl, has quite recently been informed it is the ideal opportunity for her to get back to India and wed the man she has been pledged to since youth, yet whom she has never met.

They each leave for a month's get-away in Europe with companions. They meet on a train, and again all through their outings. Raj hits on her, irritates her, humiliates her. They quarrel in the enraged manner just star-crossed darlings in an exemplary romantic comedy can. Toward the finish of the occasion they are enamored, however Simran is taken to India by her unforgiving dad (Amrish Puri) and told to fail to remember her fantasies by her discouraged mother (Farida Jalal), who knows the purposelessness of testing his will.

A significant part of the film's phenomenal allure lies in the science among Khan and Kajol. On occasion, Khan is Tom Voyage, at others he's Cary Award, in the middle of between he's Jerry Lewis. His is an immense, clever, overwhelming exhibition and it made him a megastar. Kajol's exhibition, however more limited, is similarly inebriating.

At the point when we first see Simran she moves, exposed with the exception of a towel, in a normal that is basically a PG-13 striptease. It's both honest and enchanting, and inside the space of minutes we have no question she is a person for whom an admirer would cross landmasses in the desire for demonstrating "DDLJ's" title, which deciphers as "The Bold Heart Will Take the Lady".