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About Dangal Movie 

Written by : Nitesh Tiwari

Directed by : Nitesh Tiwari 

Music by : Pritam

Starring : Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, 
Fatima Sana Shaikh, Zaira Wasim, Sanya Malhotra

Release dates : 21 December 2016

Running time : 161 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Dangal Movie 

Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) is a previous beginner grappler and public boss situated in Balali, a town in Haryana. He was constrained by his dad to surrender the game to get profitable work. Despondent that he was unable to win a decoration for his country, he promises that his unborn child will. Disheartened after having four girls, he surrenders trust. Yet, when his more seasoned girls Geeta and Babita get back home in the wake of thumping two young men in light of overly critical remarks, he understands their capability to become grapplers and starts training them.

His techniques appear to be brutal, including tiresome early morning exercises and short hair styles to keep away from lice. Regardless of confronting a reaction from the residents, he proceeds them, preparing them in his stopgap mud pit. At first, the young ladies despise their dad for his treatment however before long understand that he believes them should have a decent future and not grow up to be cliché housewives. Propelled, they enthusiastically partake in his training. Mahavir takes the young ladies to wrestling competitions where they grapple with young men and rout them. Unfit to bear the cost of wrestling mats, he involves two layers of beddings and trains them in free-form wrestling to set them up for serious occasions. Geeta proceeds to bring home the lesser and senior titles at the State and public level prior to making a beeline for the Public Games Foundation in Patiala to prepare for the impending District Games.

When there, Geeta makes companions and starts to dismiss the meticulousness and discipline she has been raised with. She routinely sits in front of the TV, eats road food, and develops her hair. Her mentor's preparation strategies and wrestling methods vary fundamentally from her dad's which she accepts are unrivaled. During a visit home, subsequent to provoking her dad for his old procedures, she overcomes her maturing and noticeably depleted father in a savage session that follows. Babita tells an unrepentant Geeta that she shouldn't fail to remember their dad's methods and advises her that she owes all the accomplishment to him. Bringing home the senior public titles herself, Babita follows Geeta to the institute. Geeta, nonetheless, ends up losing each match at the worldwide level. Hence, her mentor cajoles her to contend in the 51 kg weight class from 55 kg. Disappointed, and convinced by Babita, she sorrowfully buries the hatchet with her dad, who comes to Patiala with his nephew (Aparshakti Khurana) and starts training them furtively, involving similar techniques as when they were more youthful. Finding out about this, and enraged with Mahavir's impedance, the mentor needs the young ladies ousted. The games authority permit them to proceed and banish Mahavir from entering the institute and the young ladies to go out. Not entirely settled to keep helping his girls, Mahavir acquires tapes of Geeta's past ineffective sessions and mentors her by calling attention to her mistakes via telephone.

At the Games, contending in the 55 kg class, Geeta slips her direction into the last. Mahavir continually goes against her mentor's guidelines while sitting in the crowd which she observes while ignoring the last option. Not long before the gold decoration session, the desirous mentor plots to secure Mahavir in a wardrobe. Geeta falls behind figuring out how to win the primary meeting while at the same time losing the second. Following 1-5 in the last meeting and nine seconds left, she reviews the strategic methods showed by her dad and a 5-pointer that regardless of being troublesome was certainly feasible. Geeta executes it on her adversary in the last three seconds, taking the score to 6-5 in support of herself, in this manner winning the meeting, and the session 2-1. All the while, she turns into the main Indian female grappler to dominate gold at the Matches. Mahavir returns with perfect timing to embrace his girls, disappointing the mentor's expectations of getting credit before the news media.

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Aamir Khan has done it once more. Dangal is the best film of the year. Without a sorry excuse for uncertainty. This film is a roaring body ram of legitimate feelings and sheer difficult work. Chief Nitesh Tiwari's film has a strong grasp on its story. It never wavers, it generally remains consistent and sure footed like an expert grappler. Be that as it may, the most awesome aspect of the film is its unpretentious gesture to genuine orientation equity. Mahavir Singh Phogat's little girls Geeta and Babita have been portrayed with the highest regard. There's a consistent exchange about evening the odds for the young lady kid. And afterward you have the wrestling sessions which seem to be the genuine article. Dangal is ideal in a literal sense. Seldom do motion pictures improve.

The story gets going with a speedy recap of Mahavir Singh Phogat's life. An up his He's laid out as a grappler dream yet harbors an incredible energy and enthusiasm to make his future child a gold medalist. Subsequent to getting four little girls he abandons his fantasy just to abruptly understand that his little girls Geeta and Babita have a craving for battling. He begins preparing them like they're Haryanvi young men. He whips them into restrained competitors establishing the groundwork for their heavenly future accomplishments in the game of wrestling. Yet, Dangal is far beyond the excursion of two young ladies from rustic India to global approval. The genuine soul of this story is the pride and enthusiasm with which a dad enables his girls. He commits his general existence to making them champions. Gradually and consistently his fixation for wrestling brilliance changes into affection and sympathy. He stays harsh but delicate to his little girls' aspirations and feelings. In any event, when they don't regard him, Mahavir Singh Phogat keeps on being the better man, a heavenly dad and the legend that Indian stories truly merit.

Chief Nitesh Tiwari and his group of co-essayists Piyush Gupta, Shreyas Jain and Nikhil Meharotra create a standout film. The first of the film is devoted to a drawing in story where the young ladies grow up under the tutelage of their dad and mentor. While the last part investigates their excursion into the universe of global wrestling. The two parts have differentiating subjects. The natural environs of North India and the profoundly male centric culture track down a magnificent parody in the primary leg of Dangal. While the last part turns into a dirty story of game experience and youthful desire. As Mahavir Singh Phogat and his little girls find their fantasies and desires, Dangal stirs up a tempest of certified and splendid feelings. The movie's course and composing is bolting to such an extent that it cajoles it's watcher to stand up and cheer.

Incredible altering and filmmaking method to the side, Dangal highlights wrestling matches that are valid and genuine. Watching youthful entertainers Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra wrestle with their adversaries resembles watching the Ward Games live. Their persistent effort and devotion is extraordinary. Fatima plays the senior girl Geeta to incredible impact. She's most certainly a find for what's to come. Youthful Zaira Wasim who plays the youthful Geeta is shockingly better. At the point when she's on screen, she even takes roar from her whiz partner.

Discussing whizzes, Aamir Khan is the strength, conviction, commitment and virtuoso of Dangal. His presentation is much more mind boggling than only the striking actual change. His depiction of Mahavir Singh Phogat is a masterclass in acting. That uncommon events when you can't detect the entertainer in a person.

Dangal has all that you'd ask from the ideal Hindi film. Its interesting, sensational, dim, serious, close to home all moved into one consistent true to life pearl. It is the film of the year. A film that merits a heartfelt applause. A story so great that it will cause you to feel like a glad Indian. This is a genuinely extraordinary film.