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About Bheeshma Movie 

Written by : Venky Kudumula

Directed by : Venky Kudumula

Music by : Mahati Swara Sagar

Starring : Nithiin, Rashmika Mandanna

Release date : 21 February 2020

Running time : 138 minutes

Language : Telugu

Country : India

Storyline of Bheeshma Movie 

The story follows the excursion of Bheeshma (Nithiin), a singleton, whose rehashed endeavors to experience passionate feelings for frequently crash and burn. At the point when he in the long run goes gaga for Chaitra (Rashmika Mandanna), his life veers off in a strange direction when he gets seen by Bheeshma (Anant Bother), the pioneer behind a natural cultivating organization. The remainder of the story is about how the two are connected, and the way in which Bheeshma prevails upon Chaitra.

All through the film, the lead character, Bheeshma doesn't view himself pretentiously and we are supposed to follow a similar way. Along these lines, when he says that his leisure activity is making images and that he has been taking a stab to fall head over heels for his entire life, you know where this film is going. The format of the story feels very like some of Adam Sandler's movies like Billy Madison and Mr. Deeds, albeit the lead character in Bheeshma isn't so ridiculous as those played by Adam Sandler.

It's likewise fascinating to take note of how Venky Kudumula, essayist and chief, gives recognition to Trivikram Srinivas' kind of film, sans the philosophical features, which mixes satire with an unobtrusive message about our lifestyle. The hidden subject of Bheeshma is the decision one needs to make about how we treat the dirt and the continuous discussion over natural cultivating and the utilization of pesticides. However, that simply stays behind the scenes, going about as the need might arise to be gallant. In any case, he is who he professes to be - an image maker, whose citations like - "In the event that you contact me, I jab you. Assuming you jab me, I scratch you" - shock individuals around him.

There are a lot of references to famous Telugu films like Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav (whenever Nithiin first meets Sampath), Athadu (the battle in the field), Khushi, and to a degree even Malleswari (where Nithiin cautions Jisshu Sengupta to retouch his methodologies), yet Venky Kudumula likewise makes some meaningful difference, particularly as far as his composition and how he meshes humor into the story. For example, there's a scene where a baffled Vennela Kishore searches for a water shower can to water the plants on Raghu Babu's shirt, leaving the last option stunned.

Another scene, where Nithiin discusses his way of thinking of how collaboration can construct the organization is amusingly dealt with. Full credit to Venky, and the supporting cast, drove by Vennela Kishore and Raghu Babu, for keeping the film on a lighter vein. However at that point, there are a couple of ridiculously obvious problems with the film, particularly as far as how it ridicules individuals in light of their variety and weight. It's about time producers begin inquiring as to whether they truly need to fall back on such slanderous comments for the sake of satire.

Eventually, Bheeshma is a decent rebound film for Nithiin, who makes clearly he had a good time assuming the part. His non-verbal communication and quirks suit the person very well, and as the story unfurls, you likewise see the person develop into a more serious individual who assumes command over the procedures. Rashmika sparkles in her job as well and her onscreen science with Nithiin is substantial. Anant Bother stirs things up around town harmony with a developed presentation as a delicate and a merciful rural researcher and he's the ethical compass of the film. Sampath, Brahmaji, and Naresh convey fine exhibitions in their separate jobs, and Vennela Kishore and Raghu Babu get everyone's attention with their comic timing.

For a film that points low, Bheeshma packs in a lot of snickers and, simultaneously, figures out how to keep itself significant with its talk on natural cultivating. All things considered, the film sticks to one of the vital standards of Telugu film — When you have a sufficiently respectable content, you should simply make enough of an effort not to destroy it.

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Showing the situation of ranchers and how a decent hearted legend saves them and their territory is an abused figure of speech in standard film. Be that as it may, envision taking a gander at it with regards to a legend who you can't make too much of. Any place he, there's will undoubtedly be inconvenience. In the event that by any means there's something the legend is genuinely working at, changing his singleton status is in attempting.

Chief Venky Kudumula places such a person in the focal point of a cultivating war. The outcome is a halfway ridiculous satire that is on occasion intentionally baffling and at different times, fits chuckle out loud fragments.

There are two Bheeshmas in the film — Nithiin and veteran Kannada entertainer Anant Bother. The previous thinks his name is the purpose for his curse in sentiment and his franticness shows at whatever point he recognizes an alluring lady. The last option is committed to bachelorhood and rudders Bheeshma Organics, an organization through which he empowers normal cultivating that is useful for both the dirt and individuals.

It's impossible to say that fate will unite the two Bheeshmas and the ranchers will be in safe hands. However, regardless, the two Bheeshmas seem like two finishes of a range. The youthful single man is an aggravation not exclusively to ladies, yet additionally to men. Ask Vennela Kishore. It's an entertaining track all through the film where Nithiin's activities mean catastrophe for Kishore, who is a gold decoration winning post graduate in horticulture yet is decreased to being an escort.

Bheeshma comes when Nithiin, who has frequently been examined concerning his single status, is at last getting hitched. On screen, he works really hard of allowing his personality's disappointments to show. It feels so well-suited when Kishore considers him a 'despo' at a certain point. Nithiin's personality is unfortunate in adoration yet colossally fortunate in any case; large things simply happen to him because of being at the perfect locations with flawless timing.

The parody woven around him goes from lines that seem as though they've been picked from worn-out WhatsApp advances (Raghubabu and Kishore shut their ears in a scene where Nithiin rolls out rhyming lines, not long after an activity scene) to some satire of-mistakes, particularly the one including Nithiin and cop Sampath Raj.

Other than Anant Bother and his chief opponent Raghavan (Jisshu Sengupta), who needs to execute another strategy for shifty compound cultivating, no other person requests to be treated in a serious way. There are fun circumstances including pretty much every supporting person, including Sampath Raj who is presented as the savage cop. The piece where Nithiin stands up to his folks following a major pre-span improvement is clever.

Rashmika Mandanna as Chaitra gets a job that expects her to be somewhat more than adorable and enchanting. Her personality gets better as it advances. She makes a fine showing of depicting the naivete expected of her in certain parts and afterward looks each piece the young lady who's certain of what she needs.

Venky Kudumula attaches up the various strings to the story well. Indeed, even a customary legend presentation scene has its significance in the story, as uncovered later. Projecting Anant Bother and Jisshu Sengupta for those essential parts, which the two entertainers perform truly, additionally work for the film.

Bheeshma isn't the most intelligent film around yet is sensibly engaging. According to like the legend, "haasam" — not great yet there's haasyam (humor), regardless of whether not every last bit of it is PC.