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About Bajrangi bhaijaan Movie 

Screenplay by : Kabir Khan

Directed by : Kabir Khan

Edited by : Rameshwar S. Bhaga

Starring : Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Harshaali Malhotra 

Release date : 17 July 2015

Running time : 159 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Bajrangi bhaijaan Movie 

In Sultanpur, a beautiful town in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, residents accumulate to watch a broadcast cricket match among India and Pakistan. Among them is a pregnant lady Rasia (Meher Vij) who, subsequent to conceiving an offspring, names her little girl Shahida after Shahid Afridi, the player who dominates the match for Pakistan. One evening, Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra), presently six years of age, tumbles off a precipice as she plays, and is saved by an overhanging tree, yet couldn't call for help since she was quiet. Since Shahida's dad Rauf, a previous Pakistani armed force man, is probably not going to be conceded an Indian visa, a concerned Rasia takes her to the sanctuary of Sufi holy person Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi, trusting it will reestablish Shahida's discourse.

Getting back from Delhi, the train stops for fixes barely shy of the Wagah check and Shahida gets off to save a sheep. The train drives off before Shahida can re-board it. Shahida sheets a cargo train and ends up in Kurukshetra, Haryana. There, she meets Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi false name Bajrangi (Salman Khan), a passionate Hindu Brahmin and an impassioned lover of Ruler Hanuman. He names her "Munni" and attempts to no end to find out where she resides.

In successions of flashbacks, it is uncovered that Pawan has been a mistake to his dad, in the wake of bombing in his school tests multiple times. At the point when he at long last alumni on his 11th attempt, his dad drops dead. Pawan, searching for a task, heeds the guidance of his dad and goes to the place of his dad's companion and wrestling trainer, Dayanand Pandey (Sharat Saxena), in Delhi. Having hung out with his little girl Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan), they fall head over heels for one another and Dayanand guarantees Rasika's hand in marriage depending on the prerequisite that Pawan finds a new line of work and a different house for himself.

In the present, Pawan carries Munni to meet Dayanand, who allows Munni to remain, accepting that with her fair coloring, Munni should be a Brahmin too. Munni gets familiar with being important for the family. It is in the long run uncovered that Munni is a Pakistani Muslim as she performs Salah at a mosque, and roots for the Pakistani public cricket crew during a broadcast India-Pakistan cricket match. An irritated Dayanand orders Pawan to make plans to have her shipped off Pakistan through the Pakistani High Commission, where his arguing fizzles; the High Commission is then shut for a month because of fights. He is sold out by a neighborhood travel planner who professes to have the option to take Munni to Pakistan without a visa but instead takes her to a massage parlor, making him obliterate the house of ill-repute and beat up a few of its tenants. Pawan then promises to take Munni to her folks in Pakistan, face to face and without an identification and visa.

Pawan and Munni can enter Pakistan. Not long after their appearance, Pawan is captured under doubts of being an Indian covert agent. He escapes with Munni and meets Chand Nawab (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a writer who works for a Pakistani TV station. Nawab has firmly been following the turns of events. Moved by the story, Nawab chooses to join Pawan to assist him with tracking down Munni's folks. They experience an Islamic strict researcher, Maulana Asad (Om Puri), who assists them with staying away from catch by police. He guides the gathering to Azad Kashmir after Munni perceives a region like her old neighborhood in a photograph from a schedule.

Nawab reports their excursion on record, however his TV slot channel head Shamsher Ali (Harssh A. Singh) won't air it. Disheartened, he transfers the video to youtube while Munni and Pawan go to a Muslim Journey to implore track down Munni's folks. While auditing the recording, Munni perceives her mom strolling by behind the scenes. With a transport driver's help, the triplet distinguishes Sultanpur as Munni's old neighborhood. They board a transport to Sultanpur, and are come by police who are searching for "the Indian government operative". Concocting an arrangement to redirect their consideration, Pawan gets off the transport and runs toward the wilderness in full view. He gets found, beaten, and shot in the arm. In the mean time, Nawab and Munni arrive at Sultanpur, where Munni is at last rejoined with her mom.

The recordings transferred by Nawab turn into a web sensation all through India and Pakistan. A sympathetic senior official, Hamid Khan (Rajesh Sharma), understands that Pawan is blameless, and has him delivered, opposing the request to keep him in prison, which he felt would be frivolous with respect to Pakistan. Answering a call by Nawab, a great many Pakistanis and Indians gather at Narowal Really take a look at Post, where Pawan is to get back to India. As Pawan crosses the line, Shahida, who is likewise in the group, runs toward the wall and shouts out for him with her presently recaptured discourse. Pawan and Shahida run towards one another and embrace.

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In the event that films are intended to motivate, Bajrangi Bhaijaan satisfies its motivation with reverberating achievement. It will spur you to reach out to goodness. It will cajole you to forsake the remotest cynicism throughout everyday life and be positive, constantly. This one has a brilliant heart. It's not normal for any film Salman Khan has at any point highlighted in. This is a story that rises above the boundaries and constraints of culture, topography and even feelings. It sells you an unrealistic story set in idealistic conditions. Furthermore, paying little mind to how much rationale you utilize to oppose, it will suck you in and you will feel the pull at your heart strings. Also, the main inclination you'll have the option to respond is love.

Love in a real sense makes the universe of Bajrangi Bhaijaan go round. It's the adoration for a total outsider towards an honest and lost young lady. What's more, it's enlivened from his confidence in goodness. Salman Khan plays Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi also called Bajrangi. Nothing in his life is equivalent to his dedication towards Bajrangbali. What's more, when this Hanuman enthusiast runs into Munni also known as Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra) he makes her his main goal. He becomes unfailing and sincere to assisting her return with homing. To such an extent, he even puts his cautiously positioned relationship with Rasika (Kareena Kapoor Khan) as a second thought. Everything becomes optional. Furthermore, in his supreme and basic way Bajrangi embarks to return Munni to her home in Pakistan. It's the perfect sort of reason to attract you. There's sufficient curiosity there to charm the watcher. What's more, whenever you're locked in, chief Kabir Khan and his group of journalists Vijayendra Prasad, Parveez Shaikh and Asad Hussain present a screenplay second to none. It's marginally unsurprising, however it utilizes circumstances and characters that you're essentially sold by the story. You truly put every one of your feelings into this film. What's more, when that peak shows up, everything you can do, even most undeniably individual, is to utilize on those facial muscles and trust the destroys come out hollering.

Kabir Khan's choices, judgment and development are the strength of this film. He gives us a film that is basically teaching the point that all of us are people day's end. India and Pakistan are simple orders for social, political and cultural purposes. Put us all experiencing the same thing and you will not have the option to differentiate between an Indian or a Pakistani or besides a Hindu or a Muslim. Yet, he takes this subject and recounts to his story in such a downplayed and easygoing way that you're helped to remember the class of somebody like Rajkumar Hirani. Here you have Pakistani Muslims unexpectedly saying Jai Shri Slam just to comfort their Indian guest. To cause him to feel less outsider. The film is simply sprinkled with innumerable such splendid minutes. Pritam's music mixes more soul to the procedures. Melodies like Selfie le and Chicken tune are engaging, yet the Sufi motivated Bhar de jholi meri with Adnan Sami gives you goosebumps. This film is an all out bundle.

It's a bundle supported by a few daring choices. None more relevant than Salman Khan's. His decision of getting out of his usual range of familiarity and working in a film that is not normal for anything he's finished before is gallant. There's no daring activity. There's no super certain legend. All things being equal, there's a North Indian Hindu who exposes heart and soul to all onlookers and his effortlessness is uncommon. In a perilous circumstance, he will keep on talking reality for the sake of his god. His Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi is hopeless. What's more, Salman Khan's sincerity makes him important. Bajrangi additionally ends up being father-of-the-decade material with his determined devotion towards Munni. This is a presentation that could only be described as epic.

Not excessively far behind is the value for-money Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing a cordial and emotional Pakistani correspondent. He just comes into the scene in the last part, however consideration simply increases current standards of the film. The diversion, the show and the appeal simply gets multiplied. Kareena plays a restricted part, yet that being said she features sufficient ability to stay up with Salman and Nawazuddin. The subconscious justification for why everything gels together to make a profound effect, is the youthful Harshaali Malhotra. The blamelessness and charm of her face and her attitude is permanent. She will put 1,000,000 dollar favor your face and she will make you holler. She is the substance of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.