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About 69 sanskar colony Movie 

Producers : B Bapiraju, Muthiki Naga Satyanarayana

Director : P.Suneel Kumar Reddy

Movie Genre : Social, Romantic

Production company : Madhura Audio

Release Date : March 18, 2022

Budget : 1.1 Crore INR

Language : Telugu

Country : India

Storyline of 69 sanskar colony Movie 

The 69 Samskar State is the most thrilling film of today, the fans and the adherents of the Rishwi Thimmaraju are all the more tensely hanging tight for the 69 Samskar Province to be delivered before. Might it be said that you are anxiously holding on to know the 69 Samskar Settlement delivery Date and Time? Continue to peruse this article to know When is 69 Samskar Province Film Emerging on Amazon Prime Video? The much anticipated 69 Samskar Settlement film is supposed to deliver on April, 2022 on OTT Stage. The 69 Samskar Settlement film includes a Cast and the film was coordinated by Suneel Kumar Reddy. In the beneath segments you will track down the subtleties on 69 Samskar Province ott delivery date in Amazon Prime Video.

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Know this before get 69 sanskar colony full movie download movierulz

Chief P Suneel Kumar Reddy, the mind behind a few acclaimed films like Legend, Sontha Vooru, Gangaputhrulu, Oka Heartfelt Wrongdoing Katha, Valasa, is back with another film, #69 Sanskar State, that reveals an insight into one more dull feature to our general public. The film investigates the incongruity of connections losing their significance in a time of correspondence, where we have each conceivable contraption to stay associated.

He says individuals remaining under a similar rooftop also scarcely express their contemplations with each other and it radically affects their relationship. #69 Sanskar State, featuring Ester Noronha, Rishwith Thimmaraju and Ajay, which hits theaters today, is no fine and dandy story. In a talk with OTTplay.com, he examines his aim behind the film and how he esteems his working class outlook as a producer.

Youth years and development as an essayist

I was a film-buff right from youth. I burned through the majority of my understudy life in Sompeta, Srikakulam, where I got to know the everyday issues that Gangaputhrulu, the fishing local area in the district, confronted. The Socialist development altogether formed my standpoint towards society and I was drawn towards the considerations of the extremists, who additionally channelised the artist inside me. I later started to compose plays too.

Over the long run, I held onto this craving to augment the quantity of individuals that my thinking would connect with. That is the manner by which a craftsman develops throughout everyday life and I had an interest in running a paper, showing individuals and really affecting individuals. My dad worked in the state schooling loft and I was constantly disposed towards educating. My folks needed me to either be a specialist or a designer, I needed to pick the last option. I was a casualty of the times.

I figured out how to finish my designing, gave over the endorsement to my mom and rigorously told her that I had no interest to finish a work that needed to do anything with my designing capability. The word 'mechanical' in 'mechanical designing' itself bothered me and it was against my concept of life. I later began educating, even ran an establishment and moved to Delhi to get ready for Common Administrations where I needed to find some peace with my obliviousness.

We spend our early stages in our usual range of familiarity, where everything is inside our grasps. Just when you go to another (and a greater) place, will you understand your irrelevance. Investigating your unimportance causes you to take a stab at more and the little hints of egotism in you likewise evaporate right away. It required me investment to comprehend the honor of being brought into the world in a country with such extraordinary social variety. I widely traversed the nation, warmed up to individuals from many states - it was my most prominent educative apparatus.

I needed to go on as a writer involving film as a device. Indeed, even today, I'm a columnist first, that is where my underlying foundations lie. It's the justification for why I've had the option to make socially cognizant movies like Valasa, Inlet, Gangaputhrulu. At whatever point media associates with me, they generally ask me what theme am I investigating straightaway? I think a story is a reason to examine an issue, a bunch to determine what you need to.

My responsibility is to start a conversation and discussion and not pass decisions. In any event, for a main adversary, I attempt to figure out his thought process according to his point of view and achieve some friendly equilibrium in this perspective. Filmmaking is a hazardous business and you really want to keep a harmony among trade and visual style. It's a tightrope walk and I've fizzled, succeeded commonly while making 25 movies in 21 years.

Free by the dangers of being in an industry with very little achievement rate

I made certain about the business elements and being a math understudy, I knew I could flop in 9 out of my 10 endeavors. I came ready for itself and consistently realized achievement wouldn't come without any problem. I never put stock in karma and I just let my group know that we ought to make around 10 movies, attempt to make back the initial investment and assuming we dealt with that, we could view ourselves as prepared. Each film, I was ready to take a blow. When a film's creation is finished, I generally continue to prepared my assets for the following film. In the event that at all I needed to stop the business, I needed to make that understudy and not let another person direct terms. While I'm attempting to reflect the odor in the public eye, don't fault me since it smells.

For making a contemporary film like #69 Sanskar State, I generally thank the people who approached to share their encounters, issues and their perspectives on society with me. Indeed, even Gangaputhrulu, the anglers local area thought of me as one among them and examined their issues straightforwardly. The trust developed to a level that I was delegated as an individual in a far reaching meeting to examine issues about the anglers local area. Addressing them on that discussion was an honor and they felt I really comprehended their concern, deal with us like family even today.

Contemporary issues continue to change from endlessly time and as a producer, I should have the option to get a handle on that. Recognized or not, I'm glad that the subject of Oka Heartfelt Wrongdoing Katha, following 10 years, is similarly applicable to crowds today. Criminal Prema Katha too shed light on homegrown maltreatment. The principal analysis I've looked from media is for my rough way to deal with narrating. I maintain that my movies should feel like a slap and be immediate.

This is the point at which we have first rate contraptions for correspondence yet the crime is that individuals in a similar home have quit speaking with each other. I need to take the top off such issues and I've made a set of three out of it. Like clockwork, I need to concoct a contemporary tale about the young and discuss an issue that they're reluctant to discuss.