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About Raabta Movie

Written by : Siddharth-Garima

Directed by : Dinesh Vijan

Music by : Sachin–Jigar

Starring : Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon, Jim Sarbh, Varun Sharma, Rajkumar Rao

Release date : 9 June 2017

Running time : 148 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Raabta Movie 

"Ek Thaa Raja, Ek Thi Raani… Dono Blemish Gaye, Khatam Kahaani"

The film opens with Shiv moving from India to Budapest for a task as an investor, alongside his companion Radha. Shiv is displayed to have been a carefree womanizer back home and proceeds with this conduct in Budapest. Saira is spooky by baffling bad dreams of suffocating to death. She lives without help from anyone else in Budapest and functions as a chocolatier. Shiv stumbles over Saira's shop while out on the town with a lady yet winds up profoundly drawn to Saira. However she at first oddballs his advances, she ultimately surrenders and lays down with Shiv, uncovering the following day that she really has a sweetheart and what occurred with Shiv was a misstep. Reluctant to relinquish their association, Shiv intrudes on their date and shows Saira that she would prefer to be with him than with her beau. Saira's beau indignantly parts ways with her, and Shiv and Saira begin getting to know each other, developing close. One evening, they go to a club with Radha, where they stumble upon a whimsical clairvoyant who is familiar with Saira's bad dreams and tells her that the occasions of her past life will rehash the same thing, and no one but she can fix them. Saira sorrowfully uncovers to Shiv that she has a feeling of dread toward water since her folks suffocated after an auto collision when she was two years of age.

While attempting to test their adoration a last time, Shiv and Saira make an agreement. Shiv plays with numerous ladies, however Saira winds up emphatically attracted to a youthful financial specialist Zakir "Zak" Vendor. Shiv uncovers he needs to leave for a work excursion for a week and he and Saira choose to perceive how they feel following seven days' partition. On the off chance that they actually have a firm opinion about one another, they will begin thinking about marriage. During Shiv's nonattendance, Saira becomes acquainted with Zakir better and trusts in him about her bad dreams. During one of their suppers, Zakir drugs Saira and grabs her.

Saira awakens and winds up caught in Zakir's disengaged manor on an island off the shore of Croatia. She requests that he let her go, however he declines, saying that he consumed his entire time on earth searching for her. He makes sense of that they were frantically infatuated in a past life, however were isolated. He won't allow this to repeat. At the point when she doesn't really accept that him, he shows her an assortment of uncannily precise compositions he made of her at different ages and says she will track down the clarification for her bad dreams. Thinking he is insane, she endeavors to get away yet winds up falling into the sea, which sets off her recollections of her past life.

Many quite a while back, Saira was the champion princess Saiba. She was infatuated with Kaabir (Jim Sarbh), an individual champion from her clan. Their realm was undermined by the Muraakis, drove by an insightful old ruler. Kaabir is seriously injured by the savage Muraaki hero Jilaan (Sushant Singh Rajput), who gives Kaabir a final offer to give up. Saiba challenges Jilaan, and they end up drawn to one another. Saiba acknowledges rout, giving up the realm to the Muraakis and herself to Jilaan. Kaabir endeavors to take Saiba back, however she uncovers that she and Jilaan have become hopelessly enamored. On their wedding night, a comet falls and the Muraaki ruler understands that this will be a portentous evening. Kaabir ambushes Jilaan and Saiba, and murders Jilaan by injuring him and having him tossed in the sea. Saiba bounces into the sea to save him, yet without much of any result. Whenever she, at the end of the day, kicks the bucket in the water, Kaabir cuts his own throat, committing suicide. The Muraaki ruler forecasts that these occasions will rehash.

Nonetheless, this time, when Shiv appears at get Saira back, Saira, persuaded that Shiv adores her, chooses to retaliate against Zakir. At the point when their past lives' occasions rehash - Zakir tossing Shiv into the sea - Shiv hauls Zakir down with him and Zakir passes on. Saira bounces into the water and can save Shiv this time.

The film closes with Shiv cleverly telling their kids to not trust Saira assuming she recounts resurrection, suggesting that he is as yet negligent of the way that they had a previous existence.

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A shirtless Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) arising out of the water body in a gurudwara with his well defined abs unmistakably in center! That is the way Raabta disentangles onscreen with the main shot.

Shiv next lands up in Budapest for work. For every one of the people who think financiers are exhausting, this Punjabi munda exposes that legend! He is an enchanting guy with regards to being a tease and hurling messy pick lines at ladies. On one such date, his eyes fall on the beautiful Saira (Kriti Sanon) in a patisserie. Sparkles stream quickly and our kid gets cleared off the feet.

He starts to work his enchanting ways on Saira and she gradually responds his sentiments. Before long the couple understands that there's another side to their 'casual hookup'. In the interim, Saira keeps on having streaks about suffocating in water and a cloudy previous existence. She likewise experiences hydrophobia. Nonetheless, questions emerge when she feels a karmic association with Shiv and a seer cautions her about history rehashing the same thing.

Enter Zac Trader (Jim Sarbh), a rich, alcohol nobleman with a strange air around him. Unusually, Saira feels associated with him too somehow or another. A slip look into the previous existence and it ultimately turns into all unmistakable! The remainder of the film currently holds the response to with whom is Saira at last going to leave with.

'Raabta' is an account of Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) who is partaking in his new period of life in Budapest. His closest companion (Varun Sharma) illuminates him about a comet which would be seen solely after 800 years and on that day many will find their perfect partners. Shiv utilizes this hypothesis to play around with nearby young ladies until one day when he meets Saira (Kriti Sanon). An odd fascination unites Shiv and Saira and this prompts a start of another life in their life. Until the appearance of a multi-mogul Zak Dealer (Jim Sarbh), who has a centuries old past connected to Shiv and Saira. This prompts a progression of sad occasions connected with Shiv, Saira and Zak.

The 'Charm' Element

The story structure is very like the vast majority of the heartfelt themed rebirth based films. What makes 'Raabta' different is its contemporary romantic tale. The primary portion of this film is profoundly charming, drawing in and captivating. You will adore the science between Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon.

The discoursed figures out how to add the perfect proportion of zest expected in such movies. There are a few scenes in the main portion of the film which will engage you all through. The cinematography is of first class.

There are not many foot tapping tunes like 'Ik Vaari Aa' and 'Fundamental Tera Beau'. The ambient sound is outstanding.'Raabta' including Deepika Padukone is a visual treat.

Chief Dinesh Vijan attempts to restore the rebirth kind back in our Hindi film. He doesn't follow the standard attributes of this type and that makes 'Raabta' bit not quite the same as the typical romantic tales.

Sushant Singh Rajput is really enchanting in the film because of his lively person. Kriti Sanon looks perfect in her contemporary person and showcases a respectable demonstration in that track. Jim Sarbh is profoundly significant in his job.