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About No problem Movie

Screenplay by : Nisar akhtar, Rajiv Kaul,
Anees Bazmee, Rajan Agarwal, Ikram Akhtar

Directed by : Anees Bazmee

Music by : Pritam, Sajid–Wajid, Anand Raj Anand

Starring : Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal, 
Sushmita Sen, Kangana Ranaut, Neetu Chandra

Release date : 10 December 2010

Running time : 140 mins

Language : Hindi

Country : India 

Storyline of No problem Movie

Ironicly a film named No Issue, is loaded with so many, that simply writing them down could be a film schools summer task.

Not that one expected an exemplary structure Anees Bazmee, whose last film chicken has Singh is Above all else and Welcome to its (dis)credit. However, essentially those movies gave us a snicker here, a stimulate there, and some incredible music. No Issue doesn't bring anything to the table from the word go.

The film is befuddled. A satire of mistakes, a heist experience, an activity parody ala the Golmaal series, it attempts to be these, turning out to be a complete waste of time.

The film has an expression of remorse for a storyline. Akshaye Khanna and Sanjay Dutt are hoodlums after jewels, and they are being pursued by criminal Suniel Shetty, and cop Anil Kapoor. The women are reliably puting on a big show, and don't have anything via a job in the film. Kangana and Neetu Chandra appear to be amidst Whose the most obviously awful dressed entertainer ever unscripted TV drama, while Sushmita, playing a schizophrenic spouse, is an all out blemish. The music is shaking to be affable to the arrangers, while acting is consistently unendurable.

Terrible walker PJs for jokes, adolescent droll for the sake of satire, and uncaring verging on bigoted discoursed (that I cannot understand who might see as entertaining) compensate for the majority of the movies seeing length. It would have worked at any rate on the off chance that there were a few saleable stars in it. The whole star cast put something aside for Kangana are have-been-still-not-resigning matured people, while Kangana most certainly fits better in an exhibition based character job than a thoughtless airhead act.

In the beyond couple of years, I have generally expected the least from a bollywood satire. Yet, No Issue takes the act altogether too far. Toss it, to hold your confidence in Bollywoods capacity to engage.

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No Issue film is satire flick which spins around three characters Yash (Sanjay Dutt), Raj (Akshaye Khanna) and Monitor Arjun Singh (Anil Kapoor).

In Durban, Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and his dearest companion Raj (Akshaye Khanna) are two modest criminals, the previous needing to begin new with a fair life and the last option needing to keep carrying on with life as a hoodlum with his arrangements continuously winding up Raj's arrangements. Yash burglarizes a bank, yet that additionally puts the doubt on their neighbor and bank administrator Zandulal (Paresh Rawal) that he looted the bank himself. Before long, Zandulal swears that he will get the two hoodlums and effectively defend himself.

Likewise in Durban, Investigator Arjun Singh (Anil Kapoor) is a quack cop who is generally on his better half Kajal's (Sushmita Sen) hit list. Kajal is the little girl of the police chief (Shakti Kapoor) and has fostered an extreme instance of various behavioral condition, fundamentally as a result of finding that her better half is a zero and not a legend. One second she's the best spouse on the planet, the following she will undoubtedly be on America's Generally Cared about.

Arjun is pursuing Marcos(Suniel Shetty), who's group denied precious stones worth great many dollars, Raj falls head over heels for Kajal's more youthful sister Sanjana (Kangana Ranaut), and soon a silly pursue follows, framing the essence of this parody.

Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and Beam (Akshaye Khanna) are smalltime hoodlums and adolescence mates. Raj needs to have a genuine existence, yet unfortunately, Yash generally figures out how to accomplish something that imperils Raj's possibilities starting over. Whenever Yash loots the Main Town Bank, the honest bank chief, Zandulal (Paresh Rawal), likewise falls under doubt, since he had shielded Yash and Raj under his rooftop. Zandulal asks the Bank Executive for time to search for the two and defend himself.

Here in Durban, Arjun Singh (Anil Kapoor) is a screwing up ham-gave cop, wedded to Kajal (Sushmita Sen), the little girl of the chief of the police (Shakti Kapoor). Kajal has a parted character — one second she's a caring spouse and mother, who for 10 minutes consistently, changes into an unnerving lunatic goal on killing her better half! Precious stones worth millions have been taken from the Worldwide Jewel Community. No observers have endure the shooting binge released by the pack chief, Marcos (Suniel Shetty). Arjun not entirely settled to find these heartless looters as Zandulal is to find the two law breakers who burglarized his bank.

Yash and Raj attempt to stay away from Zandulal, who doesn't understand that they are his neighbors. In the mean time, Raj experiences passionate feelings for Sanjana (Kangna Ranaut), Kajal's more youthful sister. At the commitment, Zandulal takes steps to uncover Yash and Raj except if they return the cash they took from his bank. Cornered, Raj and Yash consent to commit one final burglary. They loot a priest's home, minutes before Marcos shows up. The pastor is tormented and killed, in light of the fact that Marcos can't track down the taken jewels.

Presently begins a round of find the stowaway, as Arjun pursues Yash and Raj, the great suspects in the clergyman's homicide and Marcos additionally chases them down since he's sorted out that they have the jewels. With Sanjana's assistance, Yash and Raj should defend themselves and furthermore some way or another or other, take care of Zandulal.