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About Mujhse dosti karoge Movie

Written by : Aditya Chopra, Kunal Kohli

Directed by ; Kunal Kohli

Music by : Rahul Sharma

Starring : Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukerji,
Kareena Kapoor

Release date : 9 August 2002

Running time : 148 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Storyline of Mujhse dosti karoge Movie

A kinship that gets going in the beautiful, bumpy town of Shimla and closes or rather go on in London. Similar as Raj, Pooja and Tina, customary in their qualities, yet present day in their methodology and standpoint towards life.

A touch of Hollywood flick Reality with regards to Felines AND Canines. A smidgen of KUCH HOTA HAI. Furthermore, to a degree, SAAJAN. Obviously, there's a brief look at Murmur AAPKE HAIN KOUN too. A small piece of K3G too� That summarizes MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE, which is basically as new as last month's papers.

A 'khichdi' of a few movies, MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE endures fundamentally in that one crucial division that is the life saver of any film � script. Chief Kunal Kohli, who has been credited with the story, screenplay and exchanges of the film, has picked the path of least resistance by acquiring from effective movies. Also, that is where it endures, for there's nothing novel or creative at all that MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE could flaunt.

What might have been a fascinating romantic tale of two companions becoming hopelessly enamored with a similar person, misses out because of the consistency in the content. Other than the goings-on being dull, there're not really any essential minutes (in contrast to Yashraj Movies past endeavors!) that the watcher conveys home after the show closes.

The main half has a couple of fascinating minutes. The correspondence among Hrithik and Rani and furthermore the scenes when Hrithik gets back to Shimla, can be singled out. They are all around dealt with without a doubt. The story moves at a smooth speed till Hrithik learns reality in the congregation (the span point!).

Be that as it may, sadly, the film plunges totally in the last part. The arrangements are extended, other than being unsurprising, and the story is extended so much that the watcher begins getting anxious. As of now the film additionally gets very talk-weighty.

Besides, the peak � with the 'sindoor' out of nowhere falling in Rani's temple � is, maybe, the most ludicrous end found in a circle of drama. Preceding that, the grouping including the foursome � Hrithik, Rani, Kareena and Uday � might have been taken care of with development.

Chief Kunal Kohli has taken care of a couple of successions with responsiveness, however has depended too intensely on the attempted and tried stuff, to such an extent that the result is drawn-out. In fact talking, his shot execution is plain average. How one wishes the pundit from past times tuned movie chief would've concocted something new and unique for his introduction vehicle, rather than depending so intensely on clich? recipe ridden, flat stuff.

Rahul Sharma's music is another irritated point. Yashraj Movies has forever been known for critical music, yet for this situation, excepting 'Jaane Dil Mein Kabse Hain Tu', the melodies are not generally worth focusing on. The spoof, for example, is extended to the point that the effect is lost. In reality, the absence of a solid melodic score is one more variable that brings the film down. Cinematography is okay. Exchanges are suitable.

MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE obviously has a place with Rani Mukherji, who plays the meatiest part nearly. The entertainer is eminent in a job that suits her perfectly. Hrithik Roshan does what he has been doing since his most memorable film � streak the at this point renowned grin, look crushing in fashioner outfits and dance extraordinarily well. There's nothing else to it!

Kareena Kapoor's job is an expansion of what she did in K3G. Tragically, this time, the entertainer is consigned to the foundation totally. A decent entertainer like Uday Chopra is squandered horribly. The amiable entertainer has been given a terrible arrangement. Nor is his job an exceptional appearance, nor is it the subsequent lead.

All in all, MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE has areas of strength for two � the rumored creation house's history and a great cast � however various shortcomings [which incorporates a predictable content, a feeble peak, unsuitable bearing and a dull melodic score] overwhelm the plusses totally. In the cinematic world, the film may not find numerous takers after the underlying elation dies down. Frustrating!

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Raj Khanna (Hrithik Roshan), Pooja Sahani (Rani Mukerji) and Tina Kapoor (Kareena Kapoor) are cherished, lifelong companions. While Raj has forever been drawn to the lively Tina, he is totally ignorant about the calm Pooja's affections for him.

Raj's dad (Kiran Kumar) chooses to move to Britain with his family to take up a new position, so Raj needs to disappear from his companions. He makes Tina vow to keep in touch with him by means of email. Yet, Tina before long becomes busy with different things, so it's the dedicated Pooja who keeps in touch with Raj; however she generally signs with Tina's name to assist Tina with staying true to her commitment, some of the time verging on marking her own name. Raj and Pooja share numerous things practically speaking, and their messages bring them exceptionally near one another. 10 years and a half later, Raj gets back to India for a short get-away. At this point, he's enamored with the young lady he has been writing to, and accepts he can perceive her from the get go.

At the point when them three at last meet, Raj, to Pooja's failure, totally overlooks her and is shocked with Tina, who is as fiery as could be expected. In any case, during the fourteen days of his get-away, he can't resist the urge to see that the genuine Tina is totally unique contrasted with the Tina he knew from the messages. He additionally begins to like Pooja, without acknowledging she is the one he is truly infatuated with.

He gets back to London, where Pooja incidentally shows up for a meeting, and there he finds that it was Pooja who composed every one of the letters. They admit their adoration for one another and choose to get hitched, however destiny pulls an unforeseen prank on them. Back in India, Tina's dad (Sachin Khedekar) has kicked the bucket, abandoning Tina on the planet. At this point, she is infatuated with Raj also.

Pooja currently will not wed Raj, since she would rather not make's Tina extremely upset. Raj is the only one Tina has left at this point. Raj's folks additionally consent to the marriage, yet Raj needs to let them know that he truly cherishes Pooja. Pooja nonetheless, still won't wed Raj thus he furiously promises to her that he will possibly wed Tina assuming Pooja weds another person around the same time.

Enter a companion of Raj, Rohan Verma (Uday Chopra). Rohan is significantly drawn to Pooja and the families are supportive of the match. Pooja bows to the inescapable and consents to wed Rohan around the same time as Raj and Tina. Like that, she desires to fulfill Raj's condition and guarantee Tina's bliss. Rohan acknowledges something is off-base and that Pooja doesn't adore him, however keeps up the act by and by. Upon the arrival of the marriage, Tina understands that Raj is truly infatuated with Pooja, so she surrenders him lastly Pooja and Raj get hitched.