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About Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyo Movie

Screenplay by : Shaktimaan Talwar

Directed by : Anil Sharma

Music by : Anu Malik

Starring : Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Bobby Deol

Release date : 24 December 200

Running time : 193 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India 

Storyline of Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyo Movie

While a triumphant blend of a chief and essayist group up again in the wake of conveying one of Indian film's greatest hits [GADAR], you just anticipate a definitive in their resulting project.

Post GADAR, chief Anil Sharma collaborates with GADAR essayist Shaktiman, yet in addition gathers an outfit star cast for his most recent excursion, Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO. Normally, and very expectedly, the principal question you ask yourself is, will they arise bests this time around too? Will they reproduce history once more?

Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO can be best portrayed as a chic vehicle with a defective motor. It gets going great and as you begin partaking in the excursion, it out of nowhere decelerates. Furthermore, before you think it must've been a minor aggravation, the motor conks off, leaving you stranded.

Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO comes when relations among India and Pakistan are at an untouched high. The film takes a gander at the Kashmir issue, returns to Kargil, discusses Pak-supported psychological oppression, other than the two nations exchange misuses and put-downs, heave allegations, criticize each other at global stages and eventually, unexpectedly, the story does a somersault - the two countries discuss harmony and congruity in the last scene. Unusually, the film is promoted as India's most memorable film on Indo-Pak companionship. Wonder, in the event that this is companionship, what precisely is the significance of animosity?

One really felt that Indian producers had quit hitting out at Pakistan in their movies, yet Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO returns you to the days while manhandling your neighbor would quickly draw applauds. In the present times, when the two countries are making an honest effort to cover the terrible past and make a fresh start, a film like Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO just re-opens injuries from way back.

There's patriotism, there's Pak-slamming galore, there're open references to Pakistan-supported psychological oppression, there's war, there're roasted and ruined bodies, there're slugs and bombs? furthermore, indeed, there's a romantic tale entwined with this, which is a straight lift from the Ben Affleck-Josh Hartnett-Kate Beckinsale starrer PEARL Harbor [two officials in adoration with the equivalent woman].

Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO recounts the narrative of Amarjeet Singh [Amitabh Bachchan], a military official, who watches his child Vikramjeet Singh [Bobby Deol] penance his life for the country.

Years pass by and Vikramjeet's child Kunal [Bobby Deol - in a double role!] is presently a military official himself. Nonetheless, Kunal tries to stop the military, settle down abroad and bring in adequate cash.

Kunal spots Shweta [Divya Khosla] at a desert celebration and its head over heels love for him. However, Shweta has a past. She'd been hitched to a military official, Rajiv [Akshay Kumar], who needed to leave for the war zone the day he got hitched.

In any case, Rajiv lands up in the guardianship of Pakistani officials [headed by Danny Denzongpa], who first attempt to separate data from him, however when they don't succeed, they torment him mercilessly.

Rajiv and the other Indian P.O.W.s some way or another departure and figure out how to arrive at India. In the middle between, Kunal has settled on a firm choice to wed Shweta. Be that as it may, with Rajiv back on the scene, Shweta winds up at intersection of life.

Pressures among India and Pakistan heighten to such a level that Pakistani aggressors, supported by the Pakistani military [Ashutosh Rana], attempt to spell dread during the Amarnath journey. Yet, the convenient mediation of the Indian armed force officials mess up the plans of the Pakistanis.

In the last arrangement, India and Pakistan shake hands and choose to battle psychological oppression together.

Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO requests in parts. Segments like those when Divya portrays her story or later, when Akshay portrays his story, are intriguing and first rate. The beginning of the film has additionally been shot well, however appears to be particularly enlivened by TITANIC. In any case, the circle of drama episode, with Akshay allowing his generally married spouse Divya to leave him to wed Bobby, looks phony and is hard to retain.

Essayist Shaktiman likewise loses hold in the post-span segments. The whole Amarnath journey episode might have been exceptional written, however the peak appears to be conventional to such an extent that the mallet solid effect is absent.

More than whatever else, one neglects to comprehend the reason why Shaktiman was so determined on projecting Pakistan totally dark. This perspective is one of the significant constraints of the undertaking. In any case, the exchanges [also wrote by Shaktiman] are clapworthy at places [from the majority point of view].

Anil Sharma's USP has forever been emotional parts and a couple of groupings [the conflict among Akshay and Danny in the jail] do stick out. However, he should have picked a subject that wouldn't appear to be awkward in the ongoing situation. Anu Malik's music is a mishmash. 'Chali Aa' and 'Hume Tumse Hua Hain Pyaar' are respectable numbers, yet several numbers can without much of a stretch be erased. That would just assistance livening up the speed, to a degree.

Cinematography [Kabir Lal] is remarkable. The lensman catches the different varieties in the story flawlessly. Activity scenes [Tinu Verma] are all around dealt with. It is free to Altering [Ballu Saluja]. The supervisor ought to have been utilized the scissors strongly.

Stomach muscle TUMHARE HAWALE WATAN SATHIYO gloats of a mammoth cast, yet Akshay Kumar overshadows every last one. His job is the sort that would interest the majority totally and he institutes it well as well. Nonetheless, his shayaris get bothering after a point [he breaks into a shayari in pretty much every scene].

Amitabh Bachchan inhales fire when he goes up against his adversaries. Likewise, he oozes colossal energy in the 'Kurti Malmal Ki' melody. Bobby Deol is agreeable. He will do what an ordinary legend does in many movies - dance, battle, sentiment, penance - and he does it like a carefully prepared player.

Know that before you get Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyo full movie download filmywap

Stomach muscle Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo is another Indo-Pak relationship film.

During the film we were don't know each character's opinion on harmony. Amitabh discusses his child and grandson Bobby demonstrating them in the conflict. And afterward Tilak (Kapil Sharma) gladly says he will kill no less than 25 individuals in war. So this makes us to think it?s a conflict film or harmony film since this exchange makes the sensation of distress for war. The film is off track and muddled about its message, and is by all accounts stowed away enemy of Pak opinion bundled under the veil of a film advancing fraternity. The film appears to be more mutual than enthusiastic.

It is a wreck of a few missions - one different mission for every legend in the film - and enough to confound the watcher. It gets going great loses its speed in the center and the peak isn't noteworthy.

Stomach muscle Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo starts with Vikramjit Singh a boat commander (Bobby Deol), forfeiting his life for the country and need his child Kunal (once more, Bobby Deol) to do likewise. Kunal has been compelled to enlist in the military by his granddad (Amitabh Bachchan) to satisfy his dads wish. While his military unit traveling in Rajesthan he falls head over heels for Shweta, currently cheerfully wedded to Rajeev (Akshay Kumar) likewise a military man.

There is likewise Sakshi (Sandhali Sharma) a military specialist who loves Kunal and never tells him. In the entire film she just makes a phony clinical declaration for her darling, so she didn't have a lot of to do in film. In any case at long last the story moves toward the last mission - the Amarnath Yatra which the fear based oppressors intend to obliterate with RDX. Furthermore, as expected in Hindi film legend saves all that without biting the dust obviously. Just distinction is this time they found support from Pakistan too.

The film's music is normal. Ms. Khosla doesn't have a lot to do, she is less than ideal. Akshay is alright as expected nothing unique with the exception of his ridiculous shayari. Bobby is great. Amitabh Bachchan is seen unreasonably frequently in the official jobs and has nothing by any stretch of the imagination new to propose in this uniform once more. He has begun looking and acting extremely repetitive. Nagma has just couple of scenes.

Ashutosh Rana is shocking. Danny performed well his part Story line major areas of strength for isn't Shaktimaan. Cinematography is fine by Kabirlal. Activity from Tinu Verma is normal. As indicated by me it?s a failure from moderator K. C. Sharma and chief Anil Sharma. Exhortation to watch on DVD or Compact disc.

This is a little survey since not a lot to expound on this film.