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About Roohi Movie 

Written by : Mrighdeep Singh Lamba Gautam Mehra

Directed by : Hardik Mehta

Starring : Rajkummar Rao, Varun Sharma,
Janhvi Kapoor

Produced by : Dinesh Vijan, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

Production : Maddock Films
companies  : io Studios

Music by
Score: Ketan Sodha
Songs: Sachin–Jigar

Edited by : Huzefa Lokhandwala

Cinematography : Amalendu Chaudhary

Release date : 11 March 2021

Running time : 134 minutes

Budget : ₹20 crore

Box office collection : ₹30.33 crore

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Story of Roohi Movie 

Our legends Varun and Rajkummar are parttime ruffians/lady of the hour specialists in an unassuming community. They get a commission to seize a young lady Janvhi, however at that point there is a battle at the wedding party and they are told to take her to a lodge and hold her until they get further requests from the lucky man's side. Varun sees the lady of the hour climbing the dividers and oddities out, however at that point is prevailed upon when she pleasantly asks him for food. She escapes later and Varun sees her as a had soul who meets his eyes and appears to be nearly intrigued by him. In the mean time, Janvhi's dad goes to the police and makes sense of that Janvhi should be hitched last year just an apparition had her while she was planning for the wedding. Varun and Rajkummar attempt to persuade their manager that she is moved by he doesn't trust it. He needs to finish the commission, so Varun and Rajkummar remove Janvhi. Rajkummar plans to hold a phony wedding function which will draw out the soul and make her leave Janvhi. Varun needs to wed the soul seriously. In the function, Janvhi out of nowhere assumes command and stops the service. All things considered, she weds "herself", the ordinary Janhvi weds the phantom soul having her. She heads out cheerfully on a bike, leaving both young men behind.

The other thing that works impeccably is the why the lady of the hour grabbing is taken care of. It isn't so much that lady of the hour capturing is "OK", it is that it is just about as alright as normal organized relationships. We see a speedy lady capturing toward the beginning so we get the cycle. She is taken straightforwardly from the road to the wedding. Her true capacity parents in law attempt to persuade her to express yes by showing her their abundance and discussing their child. And afterward she says OK and is hitched. This is certifiably not a long abducting, simply transport from road to wedding. What's more, eventually she has the chance of saying "no". The best part is the means by which the lady of the hour responds. She looks credibly staggered and in shock. She is disturbed to be hitched, however she isn't crazy. It is more kind of a "well OK, I surmise this is the new terrible thing that is occurring to me" reaction.

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Which carries me to the closure! We have a ton of minimal tomfoolery diversions on the way, Rajkummar weds a canine so he can then wed Janhvi/Phantom and not exactly be hitched to her. Rajkummar additionally goes around attempting to track down somebody to fix the belonging and sees everything from a belonging debunker to a paan creator who eliminates spirits through paan. Also, obviously, Varun Dhawan has a wonderful the entire day date with his apparition sweetheart. In any case, the point is to get to the closure where Janhvi announces she is wedding herself and goes over cheerfully had. Since being had isn't the most obviously awful thing that can happen to a youthful lady at an Indian wedding.

Here I feel like the film tumbled down a little. It got the entire male side of the man controlled society these ludicrous men who fall head over heels for a young lady in light of nothing and expect she feels the equivalent since she latently obliges it. However, the film doesn't exactly get the female excursion of being reluctant to contend or represent herself and wishing she had the resentment and strength inside to make her own life. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay toward the end, we have a discussion among Janvhi and her apparition where the phantom expresses something about how she "saved" her. Furthermore, we realize that the apparition will quite often have ladies and be drawn to weddings. I surmise the fact is that the phantom is having ladies to save them from marriage and sitting tight for a the lady opportunity? What's more, the blissful consummation is Janvhi at long last seeing the benefits she has with the phantom?

I super required more from Janvhi's characters to make that work! Inform me concerning the phantom, give me a flashback showing she was a lady killed on her wedding night or something to that effect. Inform me concerning Janvhi, show how she was raced into the wedding she didn't need and is discouraged about her life as of now. Show why a furious irate soul and a pale vapid little youngster are a particularly wonderful pair.

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In and around Bagadpur, which has individuals talking a few tongues, there's a practice of 'pakdai byah' (lady abducting). Bhawra Pandey (Rajkummar Rao) and Katanni (Varun Sharma) are among the agreement hooligans who finish such weddings. The curve in the story comes when they kidnap a had young lady Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor) and afterward go gaga for her as Sharma humorously calls it 'the activity of imlie'.

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Composed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and Gautam Mehra, Roohi is absolutely about suddenness and a strong start. However both Rao and Sharma are in their number one zone, yet their this way and that and zingers bring out snickers. The initial 15-20 minutes of the film have more verbally expressed words than a whole Vishal Bhardwaj film. Chief Hardik Mehta (Amdavad Mama Popular, Kaamyaab) has got his hands on the beat of the youthful crowds. He knows when to go for the oneliners and when to utilize overwhelming foundation score to upgrade the appeal of a wilderness and an amusing phantom circumstance.