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About Raees movie 

Written by : Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta
Ashish Vashi, Niraj Shukla

Directed by : Rahul Dholakia

Starring : Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan

Music by
        Songs: Ram Sampath, JAM8, OmGrown
       Score: Ram Sampath

Edited by : Deepa Bhatia

Cinematography : K.U. Mohanan

Distributed by : AA Films, Zee Studios International

Production companies : Red Chillies Entertainment, Excel Entertainment

Release date : 25 January 2017

Running time : 143 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Budget : ₹90 crore

Box office : ₹281–308 crore

Story of Raees

at an exceptionally youthful age, a muslim-gujarati fellow from fatehpur, raees(shahrukh khan) engages in the exchange of unlawful alcohol and medication exchange. raees and his companion sadiq (mohammed zeeshan ayyub), work for a notorious criminal jairaj (atul kulkarni) and pay-offs the police to sneak liquor behind the work area. however he is a dealer, he lives by the way of thinking, as instructed by his mom that each occupation is great, and no religion is more noteworthy than any occupation till it in no way hurts to anybody. he chooses to head out in different directions from jairaj to work on a singular level.

he meets musabhai( narendra jha) and nawab (jaideepahlawat) in mumbai, and with their assistance begins his smuggling business. in the mean time, a genuine cop ips jaideep ambalal majmudar (nawazuddin siddiqui), needs to end this illicit alcohol exchange. raees is infatuated with aasiya (mahira khan) and she acknowledges the proposition to wed him and the two before long get hitched. majmudar gets moved to fatehpur, and begins a significant crackdown on liquor vendors. every one of the vendors choose to work together with the exception of raees. majmudarcontinues to assemble proof about raees, and raees reliably tracks down ways of deflecting him and go on with his exchange. because of his disparities with raees, jairaj attempts to get raees killed. musa illuminates raees about jairaj's endeavor and raees makes due by killing jairaj and his partners at a bar, along these lines his way of thinking gets broken. majmudar gets moved from fatehpur to kutch. gujarat's central clergyman and pashabhai (udaytikekar) managing legislative issues support raees for alcohol and cash. with his cash, knowledge and propriety, raees prevailed upon the organization. he likewise helps his local area by offering work to ladies to sew fabric packs, which he uses to carry liquor and get them conveyed to homes. meanwhile, aasiya conveys a child kid. raees is offered a task by the central clergyman to kill the unlawful inhabitants at a land and build a lodging project.

still an obstacle to raees' business, raees figures out how to get majmudar moved to control room division, where he figures he will not have the option to affect his business by any stretch of the imagination. nonetheless, tables turn with majmudar's exchange as he begins tuning in to raees' telephonic discussions and get updates of all his moves.pashabhai plans a walk to end unlawful alcohol exchange, as a piece of his political race, which would go through raees'sarea. raees attacks him during the walk. the cm encourages raees to go to prison for some time for his demonstration yet guarantees he would get every one of the offices and carry on his exchange from that point. while still secured, the cm and pasha structure a coalition, that might actually crash raees' entire business. to counter them, raees chooses to battle the political race from the prison and wins it. raees visits the area of the lodging project with his significant other and illustrates tall houses, where kids would fly kites from housetops; an english medium school where youngsters would talk familiar english; a medical clinic in raees' mom's name.

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he dreams that there would be overflow in the quality of that territory, where there would be no destitution or yearning; where each day would be eid and every night a diwali. he connects with individuals to put resources into his, project by offering them homes, where they can pay in portions. in the interim, majmudar gets moved back to fatehpur as sp - wrongdoing. mutual mobs break out in the state. individuals begin running out of food. raees dispatches free food to four regions in the city, which takes a weighty monetary cost for raees. considering raees a danger, the cm puts his lodging project in the green zone. the development of the undertaking stops, as it is prohibited by the public authority. raees unexpectedly ends up broke with all his cash dwindled on the lodging task, races and dispatching food supplies. musa offers to help raees by offering him cash for a task to sneak gold from doha. raees returns the cash of every one of his financial backers in the lodging project.

news breaks that there have been five sequential bomb impacts in north india, killing a few group. police examinations prompted raees, to the gold that he snuck, and its found that it contained rdx that he was uninformed about.raees is ethically crushed by this shock. majmudar needs to capture raees however considers he could escape because of the bad framework. raees kills musa for double-crossing his trust and killing blameless individuals to prompt shared riots. majmudar orders his officials to shoot raees at sight, however raees carries press with him and gives up and is very much aware majmudar would kill him. furthermore, true to form, majmudar kills raees by shooting him in a segregated spot. during the time he was having chance, raees recalls his total past in a quick flashback lastly, he passes on before majumdar.

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One of the most mind-blowing exhibition Shah Rukh Khan, he was only phenomenal in the film. It was interestingly that we saw Shah Rukh in a wrongdoing activity film. For the most extensive length of time, we haven't seen the lord khan assume such an alternate part in a film. The sentiment was additionally there since where there is Shah Rukh there is sentiment generally. The film found real success in the cinematic world too. It additionally conflicted with 'Kaabil' featuring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam. There were a ton of hypotheses about the Pakistani entertainer in 'Raees' Mahira Khan because of political reasons, she was splendid in the film, she was an ideal counterpart for Shah Rukh Khan and they had a sizzling science on screen too. The film was in the news that as there was strain among India and Pakistan during the arrival of the film. The film depends on a genuine person. Investigate a portion of the lesser-known realities about 'Raees'. by Snehha Suresh.

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It was seen during the underlying banners of the film that Farhan Akhtar and Shah Rukh Khan will share the screen space together, however later it was realized that the banner was made by the fans and it was Nawazuddin Siddiqui who played inverse Shah Rukh Khan. At first, Farhan was approached to play the cop in the film however later he quit the film as he played done a comparative part in his film 'Wazir'. Later it was proposed to Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He assumes the part of a fair cop of the IPS framework, J. A. Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) gets moved to Fatehpur and begins a significant crackdown on liquor vendors. Majmudar gets moved back to Fatehpura. Collective mobs break out in the state. Considering Raees a danger, the CM puts the lodging project in the green zone. Raees abruptly winds up broke with all his cash dwindled on the lodging task, races and dispatching food supplies during riots. by Snehha Suresh.

Months after the arrival of Rahul Dholakia's 'Raees' featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Pakistani entertainer Mahira Khan, the chief common one of the erased scenes on his Twitter account. The scene being referred to shows SRK's personality imparting a sweet second to his better half Aasiya (Mahira Khan) and their infant child. At the point when SRK's personality Raees attempts to conciliate his infant kid who is howling, Mahira offers to help and takes the kid in her arms. What follows is a warm second between the triplet. Rahul posted the video with the inscription, "This was the principal scene after recess to lay out Raees as a dad and his new ascent." The chief likewise shared one more erased scene from the film, where Nawazuddin Siddiqui's personality Majmudar assaults Raees' working environment. Rahul tweeted, "One of my most loved scene-all divisions succeeded; was an extremely intense call to alter it out! Scene hazir hai." by Snehha Suresh.