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About dhoom 3 movie

Written by : Vijay Krishna Acharya

Directed by : Vijay Krishna Acharya

Produced by : Aditya Chopra

Story by : Aditya Chopra,Vijay Krishna Acharya

Cinematography : Sudeep Chatterjee

Starring : Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan
Katrina Kaif, Uday Chopra, Siddharth Nigam
Jackie Shroff, Tabrett Bethell, Andrew Bicknell

Music by 
      Score: Salim-Sulaiman, Julius Packiam
      Songs: Pritam

Edited by : Ritesh Soni

Distributed by : Yash Raj Films

Production company : Yash Raj Films

Release date : 20 December 2013

Running time : 172 minutes

Language : Hindi

Country : India

Budget : ₹175 crore

Box office collection : ₹557 crore

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Story of dhoom 3 movie

Youthful Sahir (Siddharth Nigam), the little child of Iqbal Khan, begs Anderson not to close down his dad's carnival as he and his dad would before long have the option to turn the corner. In any case, Iqbal Khan's show before the financiers and Sahir's supplications don't help. Iqbal Khan ends it all before the unfeeling Anderson, leaving Sahir crushed.

Years after the fact, Sahir (Aamir Khan) has still not failed to remember the overbearingness of the bank and swears vengeance. He denies different parts of Western Bank of Chicago, abandoning a message in Hindi and a comedian veil.

He utilizes his gymnastic bazaar abilities to get away. As Chicago Cop Victoria (Tabrett Bethell) neglected to get him, she calls ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his accomplice, Ali (Uday Chopra), for help in addressing the case.

Jai lures Sahir into looting again by spreading the word about it he's working on it and he accepts the hoodlum is a novice. Gathering data from a news channel in regards to the arrangement, Sahir acts like a witness for Jai, and figures out how to assemble data on the bank while giving Jai a lead to follow.

At last, Sahir loots the bank and escapes, yet Jai and Ali follow him. During the pursuit, Jai figures out how to shoot Sahir in the shoulder before he vanishes once more. Sahir has the huge debut of The Incomparable Indian Bazaar with his female lead stunt-devil, Aaliya (Katrina Kaif), including a stunt with him vanishing in one spot and appearing in another.

The show is a triumph, yet subsequently, Jai, Ali, and the police encompass him, knowing he's the criminal. Jai says the confirmation is the gunfire wound Jai incurred in Sahir, however when Sahir is inspected, there is no proof of a shot injury anyplace in his body.

Jai and Ali leave while Sahir resigns to his changing area. It's then uncovered that Sahir has a twin sibling, Samar, who assists him with pulling off his stunt and burglarize the banks, and it was Samar who supported the gunfire wound.

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Jai is terminated from the situation, however is urged by Ali to demonstrate Sahir's responsibility by denouncing any and all authority. Jai in the long run learns about Samar, and begins figuring out how to corner Sahir. Samar, kept in stowing away and intellectually debilitated someway, is kept in disconnection by Sahir.

Nonetheless, Samar sneaks outside one time per week, and Jai figures out how to become a close acquaintence with him during this time likewise figures out how to play out his arrangement. Samar has gone gaga for Aaliya in the wake of performing with her in the carnival, yet can't communicate it. This prompts a break between the siblings.

Jai attempts to exploit this, yet Sahir finds out and impedes Jai's arrangement to stop them. He chooses the best way to get the siblings is in the demonstration. Sahir and Samar pull off their last bank heist, and got away.

Nonetheless, the next day, Jai figures out how to corner them as they're advancing away. Samar is reluctant to run when Aaliya appears, imploring him to stop. Sahir gives up to Jai, requesting that he spare Samar and let him assume the fault.

Jai concurs, however just later, Sahir leaps off the scaffold. Samar hops, as well, holding Sahir's hand declining to release him. In the end, both of them leap off the extension together, obviously tumbling to their demise. At last Western Bank of Chicago is closed down because of the heists, while Aaliya is shown as yet performing for the Incomparable Indian Carnival. The film closes with the title tune.

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Amir Khan and Katrina will share Cinema without precedent for Dhoom 3.

Katrina is on an extraordinary Eating routine to shed load for Dhoom 3. It will be a treat for crowds to watch a more conditioned Katrina in Dhoom 3.

Katrina took Paragliding illustrations and singing examples for the film.

Amir Khan learned Expressive dance, Aerobatics, and Parkour in the film.

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Also, interestingly, Abhishek is chipping away at his physical make-up, yes for Dhoom 3, Abhishek has been prepared by two famous mentors. We are hoping to see an Exposed chested conditioned Abhishek on screen.

Diana Penty is likewise important for Dhoom 3.

Australian entertainer, Tabrett Bethell has made her Bollywood Introduction with Dhoom 3

Uday Chopra will sentiment Tabrett Bethell in the film.

A large portion of the Film has been shot in Mumbai, Chicago, Illinois, USA, and Switzerland.

Olliver Keller, The popular Trick Chief has been finished paperwork for stunt scenes in the film.

Shawnah Donley is stunt Twofold for Katrina Kaif in the film, Scratch Beyler for Amir Khan and Jef Groff for Abhishek Bachchan.

Dhoom 3 will deliver in 2D and IMAX Arrangement.

Sony and Tones are competing for Dhoom 3 Satellite rights with a proposal of 75 crores, Sony won this battle and got the satellite privileges of Dhoom 3 for 75 crores.